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1.  Making a Reservation

Q. How can I book a flight?
A. Flights can be booked online or via our Contact Center or at airport counters
Booking fees apply when making a reservation via Contact Center or at airport counter.
Click here for more information about booking fees.
In addition, some travel agencies also handle Peach's air tickets. Please ask travel agencies directly.

Q. Do you have a wait list?
A. No, we don’t offer a wait list.

Q. Can I book from my smart phone or tablet?
A. Yes, we have a special mobile site for smart phones (we support Android OS and iOS). If you use our PC site you may not be able to book successfully with Tablet or Smart Phone. We also do not support older versions of Android or iOS (versions before 2.2 Android, 3.2 iOS) . Bookings not made using our recommended system environments are not guaranteed by Peach. To access the Peach mobile site, please click here.

Q. Can I book from any kinds of computers?
A. Please book your ticket with our recommended system environments. Also our system does not accept to do flight search with multiple tabs at the same time. We plan to support the most updated browsers for booking, but please concern if you make a booking from a new version of browser before we announce of support that, you might have to take the responsibility on yourself. Click here for our website terms of use.

Q. What is the minimum connecting time?
A. Peach does not offer a connection service. If you choose to purchase an onward leg on the Peach network, please allow at least 60 minutes for domestic and 90 minutes for international between your flights arrival time and the next flights departure time. It is your responsibility when making a booking to ensure you have sufficient time to connect to onward flights. Please be advised that Peach cannot guarantee your connection to onward flights under exceptional circumstances such as delays or flight cancellations.

Q. When is the deadline for the payment?
A. The deadline for purchasing differs for different fare types.
Happy Peach tickets may be purchased up to 0:00 AM (local airport time) 1 day before the date of travel.
Happy Peach Plus tickets may be purchased up to one hour before the scheduled time of departure.

Q. I would like to make a group booking. How can I do that?
A. Groups of up to 9 passengers can be booked online. If you would like to book a group of 6 or more passengers with Happy Peach Group fare, please call our Contact Center.

Click here for the details of group booking.

Q. I need special support for boarding the aircraft. May I book on the Internet?
A. Customers who require special support for boarding a flight should telephone the Contact Center, and should not make a reservation on the Internet. Please notify us at least 5 business days prior to your departure with what kind of special support will be required. A booking fee is usually charged for reservations made over the telephone, including for new reservations. However, the booking fee for new reservations will be waived for customers who require special assistance with their reservations.

Please click here for more information about Special Support.

Q. How can I check my booking status?
A. You can check online. Please prepare your booking number and passenger’s first name then go to "booking login" and enter your booking number. You would be able to check and manage your booking from there.

Q. I haven’t received a confirmation email (Itinerary) after booking. How can I confirm my booking?
A. If you provide a valid email address when booking online or via a Contact Center you will receive an email itinerary, which includes the booking number, check-in barcode and the flight itinerary details within 5 – 15 minutes.
If you do not receive your confirmation email (itinerary), your booking may not be confirmed. If you wish to check the status of a booking, please contact our Contact Center.
※There are three possibilities that you cannot receive your itinerary.
1) Has been dispatched with a specified domain in order to prevent spam mail.
2) Sent to a junk mail folder.
3) e-mail address is mistyped.
In addition to that, if your mail address is in either of the below formats you will not receive an itinerary (.) is right in front of @: xxxx.@xxxxxx
Has more than two (.)s continuously before @: xx..xx@xxxxxx

Please note your booking number when you make a booking. If you have not received your itinerary you can check that your booking is confirmed by visiting our Manage Booking Page. Click here to go to the Manage booking login page.

Q. Do we need to re-confirm?
A. No, you do not need to call peach to confirm your reservation.

Q. Can I book other travel options through Peach website?
A.   Travel options including hotels, tours, rental cars and travel insurance can be purchased through the Peach website.

Q. I provide invalid passport information when booking.
For international flights, your passport information (name, passport number, expiry date, issuing country and nationality) in itinerary must match as shown in passport. If not, you may not be able to board the flight. The most frequent mistake is to put your name in the wrong order. Please put your name with the order of (Last Name), (First Name) when make the booking. If you find out incorrect information in your itinerary, please call our Contact Center. (Change fee applied.)

Q. I used Peach's international flight, but I was not allowed to enter the country.
A. If you are not allowed to enter the country by Applicable Laws, Peach will charge the fares to the place of your departure or other countries, and all the fees related to the return. In addition, the fare to the point of entry treatment of rejection or deportation has been taken will not be refunded.
It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate documents to enter a foreign country. If you are denied entry and wish to return on a Peach flight, you must pay a full fare. Once flown, all Peach flights are non-refundable.

Q. I entered my name, but there was an error on the screen and I cannot step forward. How can I proceed?
A. When you enter your name, please do not use space.
Ex.) Last name; JING Shang Name; Tao Zi  →Last name; Jingshang Name; Taozi
In addition, please do not use (-) or (‘).

Q. In Hong Kong, we do not have a postal code; however we cannot book online without entering the code. How can I do?
A. If you are resident in Hong Kong, please put “000”.

2.  Fees and Charges

Q. What is the difference between “Happy Peach” and “Happy Peach Plus”?
A. The "Happy Peach” fare is the cheapest of the Peach fares. A basic level of service is included, for example passengers are allowed up to 10 kg of carry-on baggage. At the customer's request, optional services (such as checked baggage or seat selections) can be added for an extra charge. “Happy Peach” is recommended for customers who want to keep their air ticket expenses as low as possible.

The "Happy Peach Plus” fare plan allows up to 10 kg of carry-on baggage and also has the added advantages of one piece of checked baggage free of charge and free standard or pleasure seat selection. Passengers can also change their flight without payment of a change fee (*1). The only payment necessary is any difference in the ticket prices.“Happy Peach Plus” fare is particularly recommended when there is a high possibility that the customer will need to change their flight plans.
*1 Separate change fees are charged if changes are made at Contact Center or airport.

Click here for more information about fare types.

Q. Does the fare cover a fuel surcharge?
A. Currently, Peach does not take a fuel surcharge for our international flights.

Q. What is Peach’s fare system?
A. Peach’s ticket fares are changing according to the seat availability when booking. Seat availability is changes frequently so the ticket fare may be different at different booking times. Also, promo fares may have limited seat availabilities.

Q. How much does it cost to select a seat or add a checked baggage? Are the fares, fees and charges different based on the flight origin?
A. Checked baggage fees are charged according to 4 different zones of our fights. Please click here for the details.
For seat selection fees, please click here.

The fares, fees and charges are applied in the currency of your first point of origin.
Please see the example below.

One-way:Osaka(Kansai)→Seoul(Incheon)   fees and charges in Japan Yen
One-way:Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)   fees and charges in Korean Won
Round trip:Osaka(Kansai)→Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)   Fees and charges in Japanese Yen for both outward and return.
Round trip:Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)→Seoul(Incheon)   Fees and charges in Korean Won for both outward and return.
Round trip: Book a flight (Osaka(Kansai))→Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)). In the return trip, you add 1 checked-baggage allowance at Seoul Incheon airport.   fees and charges in Japan Yen (because the first point of origin is Japan)

Q. Do you offer a group discount?
A. Yes we do. Please click here for the details.

Q. Do you have a student discount?
A. No we do not have a special price for students.

Q. Do you have child (2-11 years of age) fare?
A. No, the fare for a child (2-11 years of age) is same as adult fare.

Q If I want to use an international flight, how much is the Kansai International Airport tax for kids?
A. Peach does not offer a Child discount. The Kansai International Airport tax is the same as for adults, 1,540JPY.

Q. How many infants (8days – 23 months) can I take? Do you charge infants?
A. One adult may accompany up to two infants less than 2 years of age. One of the infants must occupy his or her seat using a child seat. Infants who require a seat will be charged the same fare as adults. Please call our contact center to buy a seat for infant. Please see here for details.

Q. How much do you charge for optional services (checked baggage/ seat selection)?
A. To learn about optional services (such as checked baggage and seat selection) and fees, please click here.

3.  Seat Selection

Q. What is the difference between Peach’s seat types?
A. Peach has 4 different seat types according to seat location and the leg room space available.
Fast Seat means the first row seats; Stretch Seat means the exit row seats; Pleasure Seat means all seats in 2-11 rows and the window seats in 14-30 rows. The others are Standard Seats.
Fast Seats and Stretch Seats have more leg room than other seats.
All seats can be reserved for an extra charge. (Happy Peach Plus fare provides you to select standard or pleasure seat for free.)

For safety reasons, seats in row 11 and 12 do not recline.
Click here for the detail of seat types and fees.
For viewing the seat map, please click here.

Q. After my initial booking, can I add seat selection?
A. Yes, advanced seat selection can be done on Our PC website or through our Contact Center. If seat selection is made through the Contact Center, seat selection fee for Contact Center is charged. Click here to select seat via internet.

Please notice that check-in kiosk does not provide seat selection service. Bookings without advance seat selection would be assigned a seat in random.

Q. Can we change the seat after seat reservations?
A. Yes, you are able to change your seat even after you complete your payment, via our website or a contact center. If you purchased Happy Peach and have already selected your seat, we will charge you for the new seat reservation fee, and the previous seat reservation fee is not refundable.
If you change your flight, your seat reservation will be cancelled, but the fee is not refundable. If you choose to select a seat on you new flight, you will be charged again.
When you purchased a stretched seat with Happy Peach Plus and want to change your flight, you will need to re-purchase a stretch seat.

4.  Baggage

4-1 Carry-on Baggage

Q. How much baggage can I bring onboard?
A. In addition to 1 piece of personal items such as handbags, cameras and umbrellas, passengers are allowed one item of carry-on baggage. Any items which exceed the size and weight regulations for carry-on baggage should be handed in at the baggage counter. For more information about carry-on baggage allowance, please see here.

Q. Is there anything that I cannot bring onboard?
A. Some items are prohibited from being carried on or checked in.
Explosives (including fireworks), flammable liquids and solids (including matches, lighters and lighter fuels, alcoholic beverages exceeding 70% alcohol by volume), compressed the gases (including butane gas cassettes and O2 bottles for sports use and Aerosols (Dust removal)) , poisonous substances (including insecticides), radioactive materials, highly magnetized materials, oxidizing substances, offensive or irritating substances, and any other articles liable to endanger and/or damage the aircraft, persons or properties aboard cannot be brought onboard and cannot be carried as either checked or carry-on baggage. In addition to the above, there are other items that are not accepted as carry-on or checked baggage. These regulations may change without prior notice. For the most up-to-date information, please check here.

Q. Can I bring beverages onboard?
A. There are restrictions on liquids to be carried onboard. Different rules apply for domestic and international flights. Please check here.

4-2 Checked-in Baggage

Q. Do you charge for checked baggage?
A. Yes, we charge for all checked baggage, except for the first bag on Happy Peach Plus fares. Please see baggage fees for more details here.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the weight, size or number of pieces of checked baggage?
A. The weight of each piece of baggage must be 32 kg or less and the sum of its 3 external dimensions must be 203 cm or less.
Also, if the baggage weighs more than 20 kg but less than 32 kg, a separate excess baggage fee will be charged.

We cannot accept the following items of baggage.
(1) Baggage exceeding 100 kg in total for a single passenger.
(2) Large items of baggage that exceed 32 kg per item.
(3) Items for which the sum of the 3 external dimensions exceeds 203 cm.

Please see here for other restrictions on baggage.

Q. Is there any baggage that I cannot check-in?
A. You cannot check-in valuables such as jewelry, securities or cash, and fragile things such as glass products, bottles, cameras, PCs, or watches. Also, you cannot check-in a pet or animal.
In addition, there is a limit hazardous materials and dangerous goods. For more details, please click here.

Q. Can I check in golf bags, skis, bicycles, surfboards, etc.?
A. We accept sports equipment such as golf bags, skis, windsurfing equipment, surfboards and bicycles for a fee. However, we cannot accept sports equipment if the weight of an item (or a set) exceeds 20 kg.
Please see here for details.
There are some items of sports equipment which we cannot accept for safety reasons, for example tanks for scuba diving.
Please see here for details.

Q. I want to travel with my pets. How can I do?
A. Pets, insects and all other animals are not permitted on-board, nor can they be checked in.

Q. I paid the checked  baggage fee, but I need to change my flight. Do I need to pay the baggage fee again?
A. Yes, if you change your flight, the additional baggage fee is payable and previously paid fees are non-refundable. You can change your flight and add baggage via internet or our Contact Center.

Q. How can I add checked baggage after I purchased the ticket?
A. If you want to add checked baggage after you purchased the ticket, please go to our Manage Booking site from here, or call our contact center. You can also purchase checked baggage at the airport.

Q. I have already paid for check-in baggage fee, but I do not need to check-in the baggage anymore. Can I get refund?
A. No. Baggage is non-refundable.

Q. After your initial booking, can I add options such as seat selection and baggage?
A. If you want to add checked baggage after you purchased the ticket, please go to our Manage Booking site from here , or call our contact center. You can also purchase checked baggage at the airport.
However, if you want to change the amount of checked baggage (ex. from 1 piece to 2 pieces), you cannot do it online. Please call our contact center or go to our airport counter. (changes made via contact center or airport counter would be charged of different change fees.)

Airport counter only accept credit card for payment.

4-3 In case of problems with your baggage.(damaged , forgotten or mistakenly taken baggage, or lost property)

Q. I lost something inside the aircraft, where do I ask for help?
A. If you believe you have lost any property within the aircraft, please send an e-mail to the address below. Items discovered in airport facilities other than the aircraft may be kept at the airport in which they are found, or at a police station. Please inquire using the relevant contact details.

Mail to: kixcbs@flypeach.com
Subject: (Lost and Found) Flight Number/Date <Lost Item>
Please include where the item may have been misplaced, details describing the item, your name and your phone number.
Peach will reply via email only.

Q. My baggage is damaged, where do I ask for help ?
A. If your baggage is damaged, we will deal with the issue in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage. Please click here for more details.

Q. I have forgotten to retrieve (wrongly taken) my baggage, where do I ask for help ?
A. If you have forgotten to retrieve your baggage or taken the wrong baggage: Please immediately return to your airport of arrival, and notify a member of staff.
If you cannot return, please send e-mail to the address below.

E -mail address: kixcbs@flypeach.com
Title of the e-mail should be " forgotten (mistakenly )baggage ".

Please attach photos of baggage receipt and your itinerary with your home address, and e-mail to us. Also, please include your name and phone number in the message.
※There are possibilities that you cannot receive e-mail from us. Please check it has not been sent to a junk mail folder.

5.  Making  a Payment

Q.How can I pay for my flights?
【Japanese Domestic flights or international flights depart from Japan】
Convenience Store and Internet Banking payments are available only in Japan.

1)If you make a booking online, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB, Diners Club
・Convenience Store/ Internet Banking:
You can pay at convenience stores within Japan using multimedia terminals.
Maximum amount payable is 300,000 yen.
Currently, we only support Japanese in the payment instructions on the booking screen.
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

2)If you make a booking via Contact Center, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB, Diners Club
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

3)If you make a booking via the Airport Counter, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB, Diners Club
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

4) If you change bookings and need to make additional payments, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB, Diners Club
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

【International flights depart from】
Convenience Store and Internet Banking payments are available only in Japan
1)If you make a booking online, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

2)If you make a booking via Contact Center, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

3)If you make a booking via the Airport Counter, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

4) If you change bookings and need to make additional payments, the following payments are accepted:
・Credit Cards: VISA, Master, JCB
・Peach Points:Please see here for more information

※Diners Club is not available outside of Japan

Q. Although I clicked the "Purchase" button, nothing showed my payment has been successful. Should I click again?
A. We understand it may take a long time for the system to respond when it is very busy, however please only click "Purchase" once

Q. What is Peach Points?
A. Passengers are entitled to use Peach Points to pay fares, charges or taxes at a rate determined by Peach. Points may only be used by the Passenger who earned the Points. It may take up to 7 days to issue Peach Points after the request has been made. Points shall be valid and in force for a period of 180 days commencing on the day on when the Points are issued. Points may not be exchanged for cash.

Q. How can I make a convenience store payment?
A. If you book via internet, you can pay at convenience stores within Japan. (some areas and outside of Japan are not available).
You need to complete the payment within twenty-four hours after the online booking. Otherwise your booking will be automatically cancelled. The maximum amount of money that you can pay at one time is 300,000 JPY.

When you select a convenience store payment in the payment page, you will receive a “Customer Number” or “Confirmation number” that is different from the “reservation number” on your ticket. Please write the number down, or forward to your e-mail account by typing your e-mail address in order to complete your payment.

If you do convenience store payment, please ask for your receipt at the convenient store. Peach cannot provide you with a receipt.

Q. I lost “Customer Number/Confirmation Number” that is needed for a convenience store payment.
A. Call to a contact center. However, if it passed over twenty-four hours after your booking, you have to make a new reservation again.

Q. How can I use Peach Points?
A. Peach Points are valid for 180 days from the day Points are issued. Customers who own the Peach Points can use it to pay for fares, fees and charges. Peach Points Number and Security Code are required to use the Points. Please prepare them before you make your reservation.

Click here for the detail of Peach Point.

Q. What is the deadline for payments for each of the payment methods?
A. For credit cards and the use of Peach Points, please make your payment at the same time as the reservation is made. For payment in convenience stores or via Internet banking, you have to complete them within 24 hours of the reservation being made, and more than 72 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Q. Is the credit card information protected?
A. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology for our credit card payment page and also for the other pages where personal information is submitted. This makes it possible to encrypt the data flowing on the Internet and to prevent leaks. Please see our privacy policy for details.

Q. I got charged a fee from credit card companies not listed in the itinerary ?
A. When you make a credit card payment, some credit companies charge you an overseas approval fee. This fee is separate from the Peach payment fee. For more details, please contact your credit card company.

6.  Changes, Cancellation and Refunds

Q. How can I change my booking?
A. Flight dates and times are changeable. However, such changes need to be made 1 hour before depature time. For Happy Peach fares, changes can only be made to flights scheduled to depart after midnight 2days from date of change. If you want to change to a flight that is scheduled to depature before that, we suggest you change to our Happy Peach Plus fare.

Change fees (Flight) differ according to fare type or method of change. Pelase click here for the details of change fees (Flight).

Change fees (Flight) and any price difference between the original fare paid and the lowest total price available at the time of the flight change is charged. When changing Happy Peach fare or Happy Peach Promo fare to Happy Peach Plus fare, an additional change fee (Fare Type) is payable. Please note that rebooking/flight changes between different fare types (For example: from Happy Peach to Happy Peach Plus) may NOT be done using the Peach website. Such changes may only be made via our telephone contact center or at the airport counter.

No change fees (Flight) apply to Happy Peach Plus tickets changed via the internet. (changes made via contact center or airport counter are still liable to change fees.(Flight))
Please note that if the fare on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made.

Q. How to change or cancel my booking?
A.Flight changes (change dates and times / add baggage or select a seat) or cancel can be made either online or via the Contact Center / Airport counter.

These charges are payable by credit cards or Peach Points via internet and contact center(Convenience store payment and Internet banking are not acceptable). Airport counter only accept credit card for payment.

For Happy Peach fares, please check the conditions before make changes.

Q. After your initial booking, can I add checked baggage?
A. If you want to add checked baggage after purchase of ticket, please go to our Manage Booking site or call our contact center. You can also purchase checked baggage at the airport.

However, if you want to change the amount of checked baggage (ex. from 1 piece to 2 pieces), you cannot do it online. Please call our contact center or go to our airport counter. (additional baggage purchased via contact center or airport counter will incur different baggage fees from internet)
The airport counter only accepts credit card as payment.

Q. How can I confirm that my booking has been changed?
A. To confirm your booking change, please click here. You would need to enter your booking number and passenger’s first name to log-in.

Q. When I change my booking, will a new itinerary be re- sent?
A. After you complete the process, you will receive a new itinerary. If you do not receive the itinerary, try to log out once and re-enter the reservation page. Find the “ send itinerary by e-mail” button on the bottom of the screen and click it. If you do not receive your itinerary, please call the contact center.

Q. Can I give my air ticket to a friend (family member)?
A. It is not possible to change the name on tickets.
It is not possible to transfer your ticket to somebody else.
If the person to travel is to change, the ticket must first be cancelled and then a new ticket must be purchased.

Q. I booked with some of my friends. Can one or two of the members cancel out of this group?
A. Yes, you can, but not via internet. Please call the contact center.

Q. I found the cheaper fare after I made payment. Can I exchange?
A. The cost of fares varies according to the number of seats available and other factors. The fare is valid at the time of issue of the ticket. Tickets cannot be exchanged.

Q. Is it possible to get a refund if the flight is subject to major delayed or cancelled due to the weather conditions, for example a typhoon or snowfall?
A. Regardless of the type of ticket that has been purchased, Peach takes the following methods to deal with flights that will be or have been severely delayed or cancelled due to reasons beyond human control such as bad weather (typhoons and snow).
1. Transfer to an alternative Peach flight. (We will not transfer to other airlines' flights)
For details of transfer, please click here.
2. Refund:
For details of transfer, please click here.

Q. On the booking change page, the error message “There was an error in the callback” is coming up. What does it mean?
A. If you have not been doing anything on the page for a set length of time the server will time out your session. At this time, the error message “There was an error in the callback” comes up in the display. If you see this error message, please close the browser and try again.

Q. I booked a round trip ticket. Can I cancel both tickets?
A. Yes, you can cancel both tickets on Peach’s website, but you can only cancel one ticket at a time. If you want to cancel both tickets, you cancel one way first, log out, log in and then repeat the process.

Q. I bought a Happy Peach ticket, but cancelled it. Can I get all the facility fees refund?
A. Yes, please fill out the form and apply for a refund within six months of the date of issue. However, please note that an administration fee of 3,240 JPY will be charged.

7.  Denied boarding

Q. I have a confirmed reservation but there are no longer any seats left on my flight.
A.On rare occasions due to weight restrictions, seat in-operability or standard airline practice of overbooking – a seat on your selected flight may be unavailable.

Q. How can I get to my destination?
A.Peach will carry you to your destination on the next scheduled Peach flight.

Q. I can’t make the next flight. Can I receive a refund instead?
A.Yes. You can either get a refund to Peach Points, or opt for a full refund to your original form of payment.

Q. Will other costs such as hotels or transport be refunded?
A.No. Peach will only refund fares, fees and taxes for affected flights.

8.  Special Support

Q. I need special support when boarding the flight. Do I need to notify you in advance?
A. Yes, if you require special support at the airport or on board, please contact our Contact Center by telephone at least 5 days prior to your departure. Depending on the type of assistance you need, you may be required to submit a Medical Information Form. For more information, please see here.

Q. I am using a wheelchair. Can I check it in?
A. Yes. One wheelchair can be checked in free of charge.

Q. Can I check-in more than two wheelchairs?
A.Yes, however you will be charged for the second wheelchair. Fees will be different depending on the wheelchairs. Please ask our Contact Center for the details.

Q. When does a passenger need to be accompanied by a personal care attendant?
A. We require an able bodied accompanying person aged 12 and over to accompany a disabled person when it is evident that the person is not self-reliant and could pose a risk to safety. In practice, this means anyone who is unable to unfasten their seat belt, leave their seat and reach an emergency exit unaided, retrieve and fit a lifejacket, don an oxygen mask without assistance, or is unable to understand the safety briefing and any advice and instructions given by the crew in an emergency situation (including information communicated in accessible formats). For more information about Special Support, please click here.

Q. I have recently undergone heart surgery. Can I fly on an airplane?
A. You may be affected by changes in air pressure and oxygen concentrations during the flight.
Passengers with medical conditions such as recent surgery, illness, heart disease or breathing difficulties are recommended to discuss their travel with their doctor prior to making a reservation.
Please note that Peach may refuse to carry a passenger due to the state of their health.

Q. Do you rent out wheelchairs, baby carriages, strollers or child seats?
A. We do not rent out any of these items. Passengers should bring along and use their own items if necessary. Wheelchairs should be checked in at the airport counter and the passenger should use a wheelchair provided by the airport up to the boarding gate.

Q. I am pregnant. How many days before my expected date of delivery can I fly?
A. The concentration of oxygen falls during a flight and women in the late stages of pregnancy can be affected by oxygen deficiency.
For that reason, Peach does not recommend that passengers fly within 14 days of their expected delivery date, counted including the expected delivery date.

However, if the flight is essential, it is possible for pregnant passengers to fly under the following conditions. Passengers within 14 days of their expected delivery date (including delivery date).
 ・A doctor's certificate (written in English or Japanese) must be submitted.
 ・The passenger must be accompanied by a doctor.
 Between 15 and 28 days before the expected delivery date (including delivery date).
 ・A doctor's certificate (written in English or Japanese) must be submitted.

For more information about pregnant passengers, please see here.

Q. I have a newborn baby. Can we fly?
A. Babies less than 8 days old may not board a flight.

Q. Can two children aged 11 and 6 board by themselves?
A. Children under 12 years of age may not board alone.

Q. What age do children need a seat from?
A. A seat is always necessary for children aged 2 and above. Please purchase an air ticket at the usual fare.

9.  Mobile site

Q. Do you have a mobile site?
A. Yes, we have a special mobile site for Smart Phones (we support the following Android 2.1 & over, IOS3.2 & over, Windows Phone7 & over.) We will announce support for other type of phones in the near future. To access Peach mobile site, please click here.

Q. Is there a difference between PC and mobile sites?
A. The Peach mobile site offers the following services;
1) Checking flight availability and fares
2) Purchasing tickets
3) Seat selection
4) Adding checked baggage at time of purchase
5) Check details of an existing booking

Peach mobile site does not offer the following services;
1) Change/Cancellation of booking
2) Payment for tickets by Peach point
3) Purchase of insurance
4) Creation or Login to a Peach Profile account

If you want change/cancel after booking please visit www.flypeach.com from your PC or call our contact center.

10.  Inflight

Q. What snacks and drinks are available for purchase onboard?
A. Peach offers a great variety of delicious food and beverage selections and Peach original goods on all flights. All items are for sale. Our inflight menu includes meals, snacks and hot and cold beverages along with beers and chu-hi, and uniquely Peach flavored items. Also we provide you discounted Nankai train ticket on all KIX arrival flights. In additional to above products, international flights also provide you duty free products.
For Inflight meal, click here.
For Inflight products, click here.
For Duty free products, click here. (Japanese Only)

11.  Flight Schedule

Q. To where do you fly?
A. For more information , please see route map.

Peach will continue to expand our services and grow to be Japan’s best low cost carrier, which will make it possible for everyone to easily enjoy reasonably priced fares any time of the year.

12.  Peach’s Aircraft

Q. Which aircraft are you using?
A. We will be using the airbus A320. The A320 Airbus series (including A321, A319, A318) has sold over 7,000 aircraft worldwide. Airbus has aircraft in over 250 airports around the world and the single-aisle A320 aircraft is a best seller. We have selected the aircraft type with the largest carrier width in order for a more comfortable and modern flight experience.

13.  LCCs

Q. What is an LCC?
A. LCC stands for low-cost carrier. By reviewing all services and functions, and applying new business strategies, we will be able to create a safe, cost-friendly airline.

Q. How are LCCs doing overseas?
A. LCCs make up around 30% of the airline market in Europe, Southeast Asia and Oceania. The LCC is recognized as a low-cost, convenient means of transportation.

Q. Aren’t LCCs less safe than commercial airlines?
A. Safety is the single most important element when running an airline and there will be no corners cut in order to ensure that our customers have a safe, comfortable flight experience. By utilizing ANA’s extensive experience and knowledge in regards to flight safety standards, Peach is dedicated to providing a safe, reliable flight experience.

Q. How will you provide cheaper airfares than other airline companies?
A. With safety being our biggest focus, we will review our services and business strategy in order to provide a safe, reliable, cost-effective airline. By reviewing our business strategy and breaking down complexities, we aim to create a simple, reliable means of transportation.

Q. Specifically, what parts of your business/services do you plan to review?
A. Operations, Airport services, cabin attendants, marketing and sales, marketing approach and business strategy are the elements that are under review and this will result in a low-cost, reliable airline. 

Q. What is included in the airfare?
A. Similar to trains, LCC's typically consider the fare to be “the means of travel from point A to point B.” For services within the aircraft and at the airport, customers will be able to choose between desired services and purchase them at their leisure.

14.  Our Brand

Q. What is the reasoning behind Peach?
A. Peach is a common fruit known by everyone. Peach has been appreciated in Asia as a symbol of long life, prosperity, energy and happiness since ancient times. Moreover, the Japanese peach is popular in Asia due to its flavor and beautiful form. Peach aims to become an airline company loved by both Asia and Japan much like the fruit, and to provide a flight service where anyone can enjoy easy, convenient travel.

Q. What kind of message is Peach trying to convey?
A. We think it is very important to display the strengths of the Japanese brand. We promise 3 elements to our customers: Safety, competitive prices and Japanese quality service.

15.  Newsletter

Q. What special information does Peach Newsletter contains?
A. Peach sends regular emails to our newsletters subscribers. Our newsletter gives advance notice of special fares, information about Peach and great offers from our partners. To subscribe please click here

16.  Employment Opportunities

Q. How can we get information regarding employment?What positions are available?
A. We accept applications at Peach Aviation’s homepage (flypeach.com). Please refer to “Careers” for open positions.

17.  Hotels, insurance

Q. I have a question about hotels, or insurance, who do i talk to?
A. Hotels and insurance are managed by our partners. Please access to our partner FAQ pages on the respective websites for more contact information.

18.  Others

Q. Do you have a contact center can speak Korean or Chinese?
A. Yes, we do. This service is available from local dials only.

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