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Please select the departure and arrival airport, and click "SEARCH" button.
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Announcement of Peach Flight Cancellation

Thank you for booking with Peach.
(08/01/2014 16:47)
Passengers who were booked to travel on the above cancelled flights can apply for either of the following options regardless of the fare types by calling our Contact Center..

1、Transfer to other available Peach flights ※Peach will not transfer to other airlines except for Peach.

1. Credit cards payments will be refunded directly to your credit card account
2. Convenience store payments will be refunded directly to your designated bank account
3. Peach point payments will be refunded as Peach points
4. All payments can be refunded as Peach points if requested.

Peach Contact Center
Call us at 03-4580-8181
9:00 - 18:00 on weekdays (Japan time)

[To Insurance Holders]
If your travel plans are changed or you decide to cancel your itinerary, please contact “ACE Travel Insurance Call center” before the scheduled departure time of your flight to make sure your policy details are updated. During the outside hours of ACE Travel Insurance call center, please left your message with your booking number, reference number and passengers' names in your booking.

ACE Travel Insurance Call Center
Phone: 03-5740-0741
9:00-17:00 on weekdays(Japan time)
If you wish to get a full refund and not take the additional flight option, please contact our Contact Center after flight date.
We will then be able to process your refund without delay.

31 JUL: MM217 from Osaka(Kansai) to Okinawa(Naha), scheduled departure time is 17:10, delays due to typhoon impact. New departure time will be 13:40 and arrival time 15:45 on 01AUG, and flight number will be changed to MM9217/01AUG.

01 AUG: The following flight is delayed due to aircraft rotation which is affected by typhoon. New departure time as follows. 
MM214 Okinawa(Naha)-Osaka(Kansai) schedule departure time 13:40
             → New departure time 17:15( 3H35M delay)

*Time displayed is in LOCAL TIME

Peach apologizes for inconvenience.

【Cancellations regrettable due to unavoidable shortage of flight crew personnel】

Peach Aviation Limited (Peach; Representative Director & CEO: Shinichi Inoue, Head office: Izumisano-shi, Osaka) has announced amendments to its Summer flight schedule for 2014, due to an unavoidable shortage of flight crew personnel, which will affect flights from May 19th, resulting in cancellations of some flights. Cancelled Flights from May to October Currently, new booking cannot be made for the flights listed in the above list. Passengers on affected flights will be notified by email to address registered at time of booking. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Please check our Time Schedule.