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Peach DELI

"PEACH DELI" inflight menu will be renewed from June 6, 2014.
Enjoy your summer trip with our new special summer menu!

The sparkling wine "taco-cham" is made in Osaka by the respected Katashimo winery. Katashimo winery is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2014.

Passion about "taco-cham"

Osaka prefecture was once one of Japans largest grape producing regions. Katashima winery continues to support local farmers in an effort to improve awareness of Osaka made wine. Peach supports local wineries and sustainable agriculture in Japan.

Osaka TAKOMASA's TAKO-YAKI Tako-yaki is an Osaka icon. Made from octopus covered in dough, pan-fried and topped with sauce and seasonings, takoyaki is a beloved comfort food. Try it and love it.

Ehime・Matsuyama Citrus Jelly Ehime・Matsuyama Citrus Jelly Ehime Oranges are famous for their sweetness.
According to the season,
oranges are carefully selected to make this fresh tasting jelly.

BIG!! Peach Danish Summer Special Our popular peach danish is
now even bigger and filled
with deliciously sweet peach jam.

BIG!! Peach Danish Summer Special
Okinawa Taco-Rice Okinawa Taco-Rice Taco rice is soul food from Okinawa. Enjoy the authentic flavors of Okinawa during your flight. Prepared with the perfect balance of meat and cheese.

Osaka CHIBO's MODAN-YAKI Our second supremely popular
Okonomiyaki Chibo offering!
Savor the flavors of authentic

Seasonal Bento Summer Special Seasonal Bento Summer Special Treat yourself to this very Japanese bento
filled with the flavors of summer! Includes
large roll, grilled mackerel grilled with
salt and a meat ball.

TAMURA's Curry Puff
TAMURA's Curry Puff It really is super delicious!
Don't miss this amazingly tasty,
hugely popular curry puff.

Tom Yum Goong Tom Yum Goong Tom yum goong is a spicy clear
soup from Central Thailand, made
with authentic Thai herbs and spices.

Peach Ice Milk
Peach Ice Milk Ice cream mixed with real
peach pieces. Have a taste of
summer sweetness onboard.