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Peach DELI

“PEACH DELI” inflight menu will be renewed from September 1, 2014.
Enjoy your summer trip with our new special summer menu!

Beef Hamburger Steak with Four Kinds of Mushroom Sauce Beef Hamburger Steak with Four Kinds of Mushroom Sauce A tender, juicy beef hamburger served
with plenty of sauce made of four kinds
of mushrooms. Ideal for autumn and a
perfect match with mashed potatoes.

Seasonal Bento Autumn Special A gorgeous bento box packed with soba
salad topped with refreshing yuzu gelée,
scattered sushi with salmon and its roe,
beef braised with ginger, Japanese rolled
omelet, and simmered pumpkin squash.

Seasonal Bento Autumn Special
Osaka! CHIBO's OKONOMI-YAKI Osaka! CHIBO's OKONOMI-YAKI Our original “Okonomi-yaki”
is back due to customer demand!
Enjoy an authentic okonomi-yaki
during your flight.

Osaka TAKOMASA's TAKO-YAKI Tako-yaki is an Osaka icon. Made from octopus covered in dough, pan-fried and topped with sauce and seasonings, takoyaki is a beloved comfort food. Try it and love it.

KAWACHI Wine produced by OSAKA KATASHIMO Winery (Red/White) KAWACHI Wine produced by OSAKA KATASHIMO Winery (Red/White) Celebrating 100 years of winemaking, Katashimo Winery has produced two special offerings made with extra care for easy drinkability.
Uses 100% Japanese grapes for a balanced fruity flavor.
Made from Japanese Delaware grapes provide a dry yet refreshing flavor.
Asahi Beer Super Dry Premium
Asahi Beer Super Dry Premium Enjoy the "superb, rich and clear taste”of this masterpiece premium beer made from carefully selected, high quality ingredients and advanced brewing technique.
Black Thunder (3pc) Black Thunder (3pc) Hugely popular treat in Japan! Pleasant crunchy texture of cocoa cookies and hard biscuits. Also makes a great souvenir to share with friends.

Ehime・Matsuyama Citrus Jelly
Ehime・Matsuyama Citrus Jelly Ehime Oranges are famous for their sweetness. According to the season, oranges are carefully selected to make this fresh tasting jelly.

TAMURA's Curry Puff TAMURA's Curry Puff It really is super delicious!
Don't miss this amazingly tasty,
hugely popular curry puff.

BIG!! Peach Danish
BIG!! Peach Danish Our popular peach danish is
now even bigger and filled
with deliciously sweet peach jam.

Tomato & Cheese Risotto with Crackers Tomato & Cheese Risotto with Crackers Rich cheese flavor optimally
combined with tangy tomatoes.

Peach Ice Milk
Peach Ice Milk Ice cream mixed with real peach pieces.
Have a taste of summer sweetness onboard.


※Menu items are subject to availability and may change at any time.
※Consumption of alcohol under the legal age and driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by law.
※Food may contain traces of nuts, gluten, seafood, eggs and dairy products.
※Some routes may operate with limited menu options. Please ask your cabin attendant for details.