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Aircraft & Seat Map

Below is information on the aircraft used for flights operated by Peach as well as the seat configuration inside the aircraft.


AIRBUS A320-200 is used for all flights operated by Peach; all the aircraft are new.

AIRBUS A320-200
Technical Information on AIRBUS A320-200


Maximum take-off weight
Crusing speed

Seat Map

seat map

Peach offers Advance Seat Selection to passengers who would like to select seating on their own according to their preferences.
*Please note that the armrest on the first row (fast seat) does not raise.

Exit Row Seats

- Front-row seats (Row #1) and seats in the emergency exit row (Row #12, #13) are Stretch Seats, which provide you with extra leg room.
Passenger seated in emergency exit row seat will be requested to assist during an emergency evacuation under instructions of cabin crew.
Based on Japanese Aeronautical Regulations (issued April 1, 2009),
emergency exit row seats can be assigned to passengers who satisfy all of the requirements below.
The passengers must:

  1. Be 15 years of age or older
  2. Not have a responsibility which might prevent an individual from performing emergency evacuation functions or cause harm to themselves or others in doing so (e.g., caring for children under the age of 12)
  3. Have sufficient visual and aural capacity, strength, or dexterity to perform emergency procedures without any assistance of an adult companion or Cabin Attendants
  4. Not be pregnant with an expected date of delivery within 28 days
  5. Be able to operate the emergency exit and secure the emergency exit door
  6. Be able to understand evacuation procedures and instructions provided by the crew, and verbally convey the information to other passengers