Peach Aviation

1. Making a Reservation

1.  Making a Reservation

Q. How can I book a flight?
A. Flights can be booked online or via our Contact Center or at airport counters
Booking fees apply when making a reservation via Contact Center or at airport counter.
Click here for more information about booking fees.
In addition, some travel agencies also handle Peach's air tickets. Please ask travel agencies directly.

Q. Do you have a wait list?
A. No, we don’t offer a wait list.

Q. Can I book from my smart phone or tablet?
A. Yes, we have a special mobile site for smart phones (we support Android OS and iOS). If you use our PC site you may not be able to book successfully with Tablet or Smart Phone. We also do not support older versions of Android or iOS (versions before 2.2 Android, 3.2 iOS) . Bookings not made using our recommended system environments are not guaranteed by Peach. To access the Peach mobile site, please click here.

Q. Can I book from any kinds of computers?
A. Please book your ticket with our recommended system environments. Also our system does not accept to do flight search with multiple tabs at the same time. We plan to support the most updated browsers for booking, but please concern if you make a booking from a new version of browser before we announce of support that, you might have to take the responsibility on yourself. Click here for our website terms of use.

Q. What is the minimum connecting time?
A. Peach does not offer a connection service. If you choose to purchase an onward flight segment on the Peach network, please allow at least 90 minutes between domestic flights (arrival and departure time) and 120 minutes between international flights. It is your responsibility when making a booking to ensure you have sufficient time to connect to onward flights operated by other airlines.
In cases of exceptional circumstances such as flight delays or cancellations, you can choose to either refund any unused flight segments made under the same reservation or re-book to future Peach flight(s) free of charge.
Please be advised that Peach cannot guarantee transfer to onward flights under circumstances where passenger is delayed in getting to airport for any reason such as traffic or road conditions etc. or for any flight delays or cancellations by other airlines. Also, any other flight segments purchased under separate tickets or reservations will not be compensated under any circumstances.

Q. How can I check-in for connection flights?
A. Peach does not provide through check-in and baggage check service.
Passengers who have booked two separate flights must check in for both flights separately.
For passenger with checked baggage, you are required to collect your baggage on arrival and re-check it for your next flight.
Where your onward flight is an international flight with another airline, you will need to clear Immigration and Customs at your initial destination.
The passenger shall be responsible for necessary travel documents (passport, visa etc.) and other immigration requirements.
Please note that Peach does not have transit counters, and will not be able to check in passengers at gates.

Q. When is the deadline for the payment?
A. The deadline for purchasing differs by fare type.
Simple Peach tickets may be purchased until 23:59 (local airport time) 2 days before the date of travel.
Prime Peach and Value Peach tickets may be purchased up to one hour before the scheduled time of departure.

Q. I would like to make a group booking. How can I do that?
A. Groups of up to 9 passengers can be booked online. For group fares please contact your nearest travel agency.

Q. I need special support for boarding the aircraft. May I book on the Internet?
A. Customers who require special support for boarding a flight should telephone the Contact Center, and should not make a reservation on the Internet. Please notify us at least 5 business days prior to your departure with what kind of special support will be required. A booking fee is usually charged for reservations made over the telephone, including for new reservations. However, the booking fee for new reservations will be waived for customers who require special assistance with their reservations.

Please click here for more information about Special Support.

Q. How can I check my booking status?
A. You can check online. Please prepare your booking number and passenger’s family name then go to the Manage booking login page and enter your booking number. You would be able to check and manage your booking from there.

Q. I haven’t received a confirmation email (Itinerary) after booking. How can I confirm my booking?
A. If you provide a valid email address when booking online or via a Contact Center you will receive an email itinerary, which includes the booking number, check-in barcode and the flight itinerary details within 5 – 15 minutes.
If you do not receive your confirmation email (itinerary), your booking may not be confirmed. If you wish to check the status of a booking, please contact our Contact Center.
※There are three possibilities that you cannot receive your itinerary.
1) Has been dispatched with a specified domain in order to prevent spam mail.
2) Sent to a junk mail folder.
3) e-mail address is mistyped.
In addition to that, if your mail address is in either of the below formats you will not receive an itinerary (.) is right in front of @: xxxx.@xxxxxx
Has more than two (.)s continuously before @: xx..xx@xxxxxx

Please note your booking number when you make a booking. If you have not received your itinerary you can check that your booking is confirmed by visiting our Manage Booking Page. Click here to go to the Manage booking login page.

Q. Do we need to re-confirm?
A. No, you do not need to call peach to confirm your reservation.

Q. Can I book other travel options through Peach website?
A. Travel options including hotels, tours, rental cars and travel insurance can be purchased through the Peach website.

Q. Can I change passport details after booking?
A. Nationality, passport number, issuing country and validity dates can be changed at “manage booking” on our website. As the name on the passport cannot be changed, please be careful to input this data exactly as it appears on your passport at time of booking.
To change passport details, please click here.
*If you have a Multi-city reservation, you may not be able to change on your own using the “Manage Booking” page. Please consult the Contact Center.

Q. I used Peach's international flight, but I was not allowed to enter the country.
A. If you are not allowed to enter the country by Applicable Laws, Peach will charge the fares to the place of your departure or other countries, and all the fees related to the return. In addition, the fare to the point of entry treatment of rejection or deportation has been taken will not be refunded.
It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate documents to enter a foreign country. If you are denied entry and wish to return on a Peach flight, you must pay a full fare. Once flown, all Peach flights are non-refundable.

Q. I entered my name, but there was an error on the screen and I cannot step forward. How can I proceed?
A. When you enter your name, please do not use space.
Ex.) Last name; JING Shang Name; Tao Zi  →Last name; Jingshang Name; Taozi
In addition, please do not use (-) or (‘).