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2. Fees and Charges

2.  Fees and Charges

Q. What is the difference between “Happy Peach” and “Happy Peach Plus”?
A. The "Happy Peach” fare is the cheapest of the Peach fares. A basic level of service is included, for example passengers are allowed up to 10 kg of carry-on baggage. At the customer's request, optional services (such as checked baggage or seat selections) can be added for an extra charge. “Happy Peach” is recommended for customers who want to keep their air ticket expenses as low as possible.

The "Happy Peach Plus” fare plan allows up to 10 kg of carry-on baggage and also has the added advantages of one piece of checked baggage free of charge and free standard or pleasure seat selection. Passengers can also change their flight without payment of a change fee (*1). The only payment necessary is any difference in the ticket prices.“Happy Peach Plus” fare is particularly recommended when there is a high possibility that the customer will need to change their flight plans.
*1 Separate change fees are charged if changes are made at Contact Center or airport.

Click here for more information about fare types.

Q. Does the fare cover a fuel surcharge?
A. Currently, Peach does not take a fuel surcharge for our international flights.

Q. What is Peach’s fare system?
A. Peach’s ticket fares are changing according to the seat availability when booking. Seat availability is changes frequently so the ticket fare may be different at different booking times. Also, promo fares may have limited seat availabilities.

Q. How much does it cost to select a seat or add a checked baggage? Are the fares, fees and charges different based on the flight origin?
A. Checked baggage fees are charged according to 4 different zones of our fights. Please click here for the details.
For seat selection fees, please click here.

The fares, fees and charges are applied in the currency of your first point of origin.
Please see the example below.

One-way:Osaka(Kansai)→Seoul(Incheon)   fees and charges in Japan Yen
One-way:Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)   fees and charges in Korean Won
Round trip:Osaka(Kansai)→Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)   Fees and charges in Japanese Yen for both outward and return.
Round trip:Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)→Seoul(Incheon)   Fees and charges in Korean Won for both outward and return.
Round trip: Book a flight (Osaka(Kansai))→Seoul(Incheon)→Osaka(Kansai)). In the return trip, you add 1 checked-baggage allowance at Seoul Incheon airport.   fees and charges in Japan Yen (because the first point of origin is Japan)

Q. Do you offer a group discount?
A. Yes we do. Please click here for the details.

Q. Do you have a student discount?
A. No we do not have a special price for students.

Q. Do you have child (2-11 years of age) fare?
A. No, the fare for a child (2-11 years of age) is same as adult fare.

Q If I want to use an international flight, how much is the Kansai International Airport tax for kids?
A. Peach does not offer a Child discount. The Kansai International Airport tax is the same as for adults, 1,540JPY.

Q. How many infants (8days – 23 months) can I take? Do you charge infants?
A. One adult may accompany up to two infants less than 2 years of age. One of the infants must occupy his or her seat using a child seat. Infants who require a seat will be charged the same fare as adults. Please call our contact center to buy a seat for infant. Please see here for details.

Q. How much do you charge for optional services (checked baggage/ seat selection)?
A. To learn about optional services (such as checked baggage and seat selection) and fees, please click here.