Peach Aviation

3. Seat Selection

3.  Seat Selection

Q. What is the difference between Peach’s seat types?
A. Peach has 4 different seat types according to seat location and the leg room space available.
Fast Seat means the first row seats; Smart Seat means all the seats in 2-5rows and the exit row seats; Pleasure Seat means all seats in 6-11 rows and the window seats in 14-30 rows. The others are Standard Seats.
Fast Seats and the exit row seats have more leg room than other seats.
All seats can be reserved for an extra charge. (Value Peach fare provides you to select standard or pleasure seat for free. Also, Prime Peach fare provides you to standard or pleasure or smart seat for free.)

For safety reasons, seats in row 11 and 12 do not recline.
Click here for the detail of seat types and fees.
For viewing the seat map, please click here.

Q. After my initial booking, can I add seat selection?
A. Yes, advanced seat selection can be done on Our PC website or through our Contact Center. If seat selection is made through the Contact Center, seat selection fee for Contact Center is charged. Click here to select seat via internet.

Please notice that check-in kiosk does not provide seat selection service. Bookings without advance seat selection would be assigned a seat in random.

Q. Can we change the seat after seat reservations?
A. Yes, you may change your seat even after you complete your payment, via our website or contact center. If you purchased Simple Peach and have already selected your seat, you will be charged a fee for the new seat reservation. The previous seat reservation fee is not refundable.
If you change your flight, your seat reservation will be cancelled, but the fee is not refundable. If you choose to select a seat on you new flight, you will be charged again.
When you purchase a fast seat or a smart seat with Value Peach and want to change your flight, you will need to re-purchase a fast seat or a smart seat.
And, When you purchased a fast seat with Prime Peach and want to change your flight, you will need to re-purchase a fast seat.

Q. Can I change seats after boarding if there is a vacant seat?
A. Seat selection should be reserved and purchased in advance of boarding the aircraft. To maintain fairness for all passengers, you are kindly requested not to change seats after boarding under any circumstances. This is also due to weight balance of the aircraft which could affect flight safety.

Q. Can I block a seat next to my purchased/assigned seat?
A. Yes. You can purchase Space Seat Option at the time of booking (or even after the booking). If you want to block more than one seat, please purchase Space Seat Option in advance.
For more details, please click HERE.