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7. Changes, Cancellations and, Refunds

7.  Changes, Cancellation and Refunds

Q. How can I change my booking?
A. Flight dates and times are changeable. However, such changes need to be made 1 hour before depature time. For Happy Peach fares, changes can only be made to flights scheduled to depart after midnight 2days from date of change. If you want to change to a flight that is scheduled to depature before that, we suggest you change to our Happy Peach Plus fare.

Change fees (Flight) differ according to fare type or method of change. Pelase click here for the details of change fees (Flight).

Change fees (Flight) and any price difference between the original fare paid and the lowest total price available at the time of the flight change is charged. When changing Happy Peach fare or Happy Peach Promo fare to Happy Peach Plus fare, an additional change fee (Fare Type) is payable. Please note that rebooking/flight changes between different fare types (For example: from Happy Peach to Happy Peach Plus) may NOT be done using the Peach website. Such changes may only be made via our telephone contact center or at the airport counter.

No change fees (Flight) apply to Happy Peach Plus tickets changed via the internet. (changes made via contact center or airport counter are still liable to change fees.(Flight))
Please note that if the fare on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made.

Q. How to change or cancel my booking?
A.Flight changes (change dates and times / add baggage or select a seat) or cancel can be made either online or via the Contact Center / Airport counter.

These charges are payable by credit cards or Peach Points※ via internet and contact center(Convenience store payment and Internet banking are not acceptable). Airport counter only accept credit card for payment.
※Please call our contact center or go to our airport counter if you want to change booking by using multiple peach points.

For Happy Peach fares, please check the conditions before make changes.

Q. How can I add checked baggage after I purchased the ticket?
A. Please go to our Manage Booking site from here, or call our contact center. You can also purchase checked baggage at the airport.
Airport counter only accept credit card for payment.
* If you have a Multi-city booking, you may not be able to add checked baggage on your own using the “Manage Booking” page. If you are unable to make additions, please consult the Contact Center or the airport center. (changes made via airport counter would be charged of different change fees.)
* If you want to change the amount of checked baggage (ex. from 1 piece to 2 pieces), you cannot do it online. Please call our contact center or go to our airport counter. (changes made via contact center or airport counter would be charged of different change fees.)

Q. How can I confirm that my booking has been changed?
A. To confirm your booking change, please click here. You would need to enter your booking number and passenger’s first name to log-in.

Q. When I change my booking, will a new itinerary be re- sent?
A. After you complete the process, you will receive a new itinerary. If you do not receive the itinerary, try to log out once and re-enter the reservation page. Find the “ send itinerary by e-mail” button on the bottom of the screen and click it. If you do not receive your itinerary, please call the contact center.

Q. Can I give my air ticket to a friend (family member)?
A. It is not possible to change the name on tickets.
It is not possible to transfer your ticket to somebody else.
If the person to travel is to change, the ticket must first be cancelled and then a new ticket must be purchased.

Q. I booked with some of my friends. Can one or two of the members cancel out of this group?
A. Yes, you can, but not via internet. Please call the contact center.

Q. I found the cheaper fare after I made payment. Can I exchange?
A. The cost of fares varies according to the number of seats available and other factors. The fare is valid at the time of issue of the ticket. Tickets cannot be exchanged.

Q. Is it possible to get a refund if the flight is subject to major delayed or cancelled due to the weather conditions, for example a typhoon or snowfall?
A. Regardless of the type of ticket that has been purchased, Peach takes the following methods to deal with flights that will be or have been severely delayed or cancelled due to reasons beyond human control such as bad weather (typhoons and snow).
1. Transfer to an alternative Peach flight. (We will not transfer to other airlines' flights)
For details of transfer, please click here.
2. Refund:
For details of refund, please click here.

Q. On the booking change page, the error message “There was an error in the callback” is coming up. What does it mean?
A. If you have not been doing anything on the page for a set length of time the server will time out your session. At this time, the error message “There was an error in the callback” comes up in the display. If you see this error message, please close the browser and try again.

Q. I booked a round trip ticket. Can I cancel both tickets?
A. Yes, you can cancel both tickets on Peach’s website, but you can only cancel one ticket at a time. If you want to cancel both tickets, you cancel one way first, log out, log in and then repeat the process.

Q. I bought a Happy Peach ticket, but cancelled it. Can I get all the facility fees refund?
A. Yes, please fill out the form and apply for a refund within six months of the date of issue. However, please note that an administration fee of 3,240 JPY will be charged.