Peach Aviation

9. Special Support

9.  Special Support

Q. I need special support when boarding the flight. Do I need to notify you in advance?
A. Yes, if you require special support at the airport or on board, please contact our Contact Center by telephone at least 5 days prior to your departure. Depending on the type of assistance you need, you may be required to submit a Medical Information Form. For more information, please see here.

Q. I am using a wheelchair. Can I check it in?
A. Yes. One wheelchair can be checked in free of charge.

Q. Can I check-in more than two wheelchairs?
A.Yes, however you will be charged for the second wheelchair. Fees will be different depending on the wheelchairs. Please ask our Contact Center for the details.

Q. When does a passenger need to be accompanied by a personal care attendant?
A. We require an able bodied accompanying person aged 12 and over to accompany a disabled person when it is evident that the person is not self-reliant and could pose a risk to safety. In practice, this means anyone who is unable to unfasten their seat belt, leave their seat and reach an emergency exit unaided, retrieve and fit a lifejacket, don an oxygen mask without assistance, or is unable to understand the safety briefing and any advice and instructions given by the crew in an emergency situation (including information communicated in accessible formats). For more information about Special Support, please click here.

Q. I have recently undergone heart surgery. Can I fly on an airplane?
A. You may be affected by changes in air pressure and oxygen concentrations during the flight.
Passengers with medical conditions such as recent surgery, illness, heart disease or breathing difficulties are recommended to discuss their travel with their doctor prior to making a reservation.
Please note that Peach may refuse to carry a passenger due to the state of their health.

Q. Do you rent out wheelchairs, baby carriages, strollers or child seats?
A. We do not rent out any of these items. Passengers should bring along and use their own items if necessary. Wheelchairs should be checked in at the airport counter and the passenger should use a wheelchair provided by the airport up to the boarding gate.

Q. I am pregnant. How many days before my expected date of delivery can I fly?
A. The concentration of oxygen falls during a flight and women in the late stages of pregnancy can be affected by oxygen deficiency.
For that reason, Peach does not recommend that passengers fly within 14 days of their expected delivery date, counted including the expected delivery date.

However, if the flight is essential, it is possible for pregnant passengers to fly under the following conditions. Passengers within 14 days of their expected delivery date (including delivery date).
 ・A doctor's certificate (written in English or Japanese) must be submitted.
 ・The passenger must be accompanied by a doctor.
 Between 15 and 28 days before the expected delivery date (including delivery date).
 ・A doctor's certificate (written in English or Japanese) must be submitted.

For more information about pregnant passengers, please see here.

Q. I have a newborn baby. Can we fly?
A. Babies less than 8 days old may not board a flight.

Q. Can two children aged 11 and 6 board by themselves?
A. Children under 12 years of age may not board alone.

Q. What age do children need a seat from?
A. A seat is always necessary for children aged 2 and above. Please purchase an air ticket at the usual fare.