Peach Aviation

10. Mobile

10.  Mobile site

Q. Do you have a mobile site?
A. Yes, we have a special mobile site for Smart Phones (we support the following Android 2.1 & over, IOS3.2 & over, Windows Phone7 & over.) We will announce support for other type of phones in the near future. To access Peach mobile site, please click here.

Q. Is there a difference between PC and mobile sites?
A. The Peach mobile site offers the following services;
1) Checking flight availability and fares
2) Purchasing tickets
3) Seat selection
4) Adding checked baggage at time of purchase
5) Check details of an existing booking

Peach mobile site does not offer the following services;
1) Change/Cancellation of booking
2) Payment for tickets by Peach point
3) Purchase of insurance
4) Creation or Login to a Peach Profile account

If you want change/cancel after booking please visit from your PC or call our contact center.