Peach Aviation

14. LCC’s

14.  LCCs

Q. What is an LCC?
A. LCC stands for low-cost carrier. By reviewing all services and functions, and applying new business strategies, we will be able to create a safe, cost-friendly airline.

Q. How are LCCs doing overseas?
A. LCCs make up around 30% of the airline market in Europe, Southeast Asia and Oceania. The LCC is recognized as a low-cost, convenient means of transportation.

Q. Aren’t LCCs less safe than commercial airlines?
A. Safety is the single most important element when running an airline and there will be no corners cut in order to ensure that our customers have a safe, comfortable flight experience. By utilizing ANA’s extensive experience and knowledge in regards to flight safety standards, Peach is dedicated to providing a safe, reliable flight experience.

Q. How will you provide cheaper airfares than other airline companies?
A. With safety being our biggest focus, we will review our services and business strategy in order to provide a safe, reliable, cost-effective airline. By reviewing our business strategy and breaking down complexities, we aim to create a simple, reliable means of transportation.

Q. Specifically, what parts of your business/services do you plan to review?
A. Operations, Airport services, cabin attendants, marketing and sales, marketing approach and business strategy are the elements that are under review and this will result in a low-cost, reliable airline. 

Q. What is included in the airfare?
A. Similar to trains, LCC's typically consider the fare to be “the means of travel from point A to point B.” For services within the aircraft and at the airport, customers will be able to choose between desired services and purchase them at their leisure.