Discover the city that never sleeps

It’s one a.m. in Tokyo when your Peach flight lands at Haneda.
No need to wait until morning for the fun to begin; there’s just as much enjoyment to be had in Tokyo at night as in the daytime. So, don’t be put off by a late-night flight—start your Japanese adventure with a Tokyo Midnight Trip.
Here are nine fun-filled plans for maximum late-night fun in the capital.
  • 01:00 Arrive at Haneda Airport
  • 01:50 Finish entry procedures
  • Breakfast in Tsukiji, fresh off the boat

    Enjoy the freshest, most succulent seafood for breakfast at Tsukiji Market, Japan’s premier fish market.

  • Sunrise in a soothing onsen bath

    Soak away your fatigue in hot springs so you’re refreshed and ready to meet the dawn and enjoy Tokyo.

  • All-night shopping
    and dining

    Try out the local izakaya and ramen restaurants, and get some souvenir shopping out of the way before sunup.

  • Sing your heart out
    at karaoke

    When it’s just you and your friends in a private karaoke room, you can sing, sing, sing your cares away.

  • Get pampered at a relaxing spa

    Soothe your body and mind all night at a resort spa so you’re relaxed and ready for fun by morning.

  • Get your otaku on deep in Akihabara

    Night time is a great time to check out Akihabara, the focal point of Japan’s distinctive otaku culture.

  • Sunrise by the iconic Tokyo Skytree

    Japan’s tallest structure, Tokyo Skytree, at dawn by the riverside is truly a sight to behold.

  • Soothe your weary body on hot stone baths

    Rest, weary traveler, at an oasis of relaxation in the middle of bustling Roppongi.

  • Haneda Airport is more than an airport

    If heading in to the city at night doesn’t appeal, get some sleep and freshen up at the airport’s First Cabin hotel.

Ticket and Hotel Reservation Counter

The ticket and hotel resevation counter is in front of you on the left as you exit the arrival lobby on the second floor.

Bus Ticket Vending Machines and Bus Stops

Bus tickets can be purchased through bus ticket vending machines. Check the information display at the bus stop before boarding.

Haneda Airport Late-Night Transport
Bus Timetables

  • For Tokyo Station, Ginza, Akihabara, and Asakusa

    Operator: Airport Transport Service
    Time Stops Fare
    02:00 Dep. Haneda Airport International Terminal
    02:35 Arr. Ginza Stn. (Yurakucho) \1,860
    02:45 Arr. Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit (Tekko Bldg.) \1,860
    02:55 Arr. Akihabara Stn. \1,860
    03:15 Arr. Asakusa View Hotel \1,860
  • For Ikebukuro and Shinjuku

    Operator: Airport Transport Service
    Time Stops Fare
    01:40 Dep. Haneda Airport International Terminal
    02:08 Arr. Shinjuku Stn. West Exit \2,000
    02:13 Arr. Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal \2,000
    02:18 Arr. Higashishinjuku Stn. \2,000
    02:35 Arr. Ikebukuro Stn. East Exit \2,000
  • For Futakotamagawa, Shibuya, and Roppongi

    Operator: Tokyu Bus
    Time Stops Fare
    02:20 Dep. Haneda Airport International Terminal
    02:55 Arr. Roppongi Hills \2,060
    03:05 Arr. Shibuya Stn. West Exit \2,060
    03:09 Arr. Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel \2,060
    03:13 Arr. Shibuya Stn. (Mark City) \2,060
    03:39 Arr. Futakotamagawa Stn. \2,260
    03:40 Arr. Futako Tamagawa Rise & Rakuten Crimson House \2,260
  • For Shinagawa and Odaiba

    Operator: Haneda Keikyu Bus
    Time Stops Fare
    02:15 Dep. Haneda Airport International Terminal
    02:38 Arr. Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba \1,030
    02:43 Arr. Ooedo Onsen Monogatari \1,030
    03:13 Arr. Shinagawa Stn. East Exit \1,030
    03:23 Arr. Shinagawa Goos \1,030
  • For Minatomirai, Sakuragicho, and Yokohama Stn. (YCAT)

    Operator: Keihin Kyuko Bus
    Time Stops Fare
    02:20 Dep. Haneda Airport International Terminal
    02:52 Arr. Yokohama Stn. (YCAT) \1,030
    02:58 Arr. Sakuragicho Stn. \1,030
    03:00 Arr. Yokohama Royal Park Hotel \1,030
    03:01 Arr. Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu \1,030
    03:02 Arr. Intercontinental Yokohama Grand \1,030
    03:05 Arr. Kokusaibashi Cupnoodles Museum Mae \1,030
  • For Kawasaki, Kamata, and Otorii

    Operator: Haneda Keikyu Bus
    Time Stops Fare
    02:15 Dep. Haneda Airport International Terminal
    02:20 Arr. Otorii \560
    02:35 Arr. Kamata Stn. \560
    02:50 Arr. Kawasaki Stn. \560
  • For Ichinoe, Kasai, Toyocho, Toyosu, and Ariake

    Operator: Airport Transport Service
    Time Stops Fare
    01:55 Dep. Haneda Airport International Terminal
    02:15 Arr. Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel \1,240
    02:25 Arr. Toyosu Stn. \1,440
    02:40 Arr. Toyocho Stn. \1,860
    02:55 Arr. Kasai Stn. \2,060
    03:01 Arr. Ichinoe Stn. \2,060
Details above are subject to change depending on flight schedules, etc.
Please contact the bus company in advance when making travel plans.
This schedule is accurate as of 11 April 2017. Subject to change based on future changes to flight schedules, etc.
Bus schedules can also be checked here: Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal