Plan 4

Sing your heart out
at karaoke

It can’t get much better than it does
in the birthplace of karaoke

What could be more enjoyable than singing your way through the night? Big Echo in Shibuya is fully equipped to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable experience for its international customers.
Take the bus to Shibuya

Take the bus to Shibuya

It’s a quick 45 minutes from Haneda to Shibuya, the perfect interval for working up your karaoke set list.
Take the bus to Shibuya
Take the bus to Shibuya

Welcome to Japan’s top entertainment district

Around the clock, every day of the week, Shibuya is always pulsing with people.
Lots of the shops are still open
Approx. 5 minutes’ walk
Approx. 5 minutes’ walk
Ichiran Shibuya Branch

Don’t sing on an empty stomach; charge your batteries with a bowl of ramen

Head over to the Shibuya branch of Ichiran, where the noodles come in a delicious pork-bone flavored broth. They will even give you a noodle refill, so don’t be afraid to ask.
Ichiran Shibuya Branch
1-22-7 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Ichiran Shibuya Branch
Ichiran Shibuya Branch
Approx. 10 minutes’ walk
Let it all out at karaoke

Let it all out at karaoke

In the safety and privacy of your own karaoke room, you can sing as long and as loud as your heart desires.
Hungry? No problem! Just order from the menu.
Hungry? No problem!
Just order from the menu.
  • Breakfast in Tsukiji, fresh off the boat

    Enjoy the freshest, most succulent seafood for breakfast at Tsukiji Market, Japan’s premier fish market.

  • Sunrise in a soothing onsen bath

    Soak away your fatigue in hot springs so you’re refreshed and ready to meet the dawn and enjoy Tokyo.

  • All-night shopping
    and dining

    Try out the local izakaya and ramen restaurants, and get some souvenir shopping out of the way before sunup.

  • Sing your heart out
    at karaoke

    When it’s just you and your friends in a private karaoke room, you can sing, sing, sing your cares away.

  • Get pampered at a relaxing spa

    Soothe your body and mind all night at a resort spa so you’re relaxed and ready for fun by morning.

  • Get your otaku on deep in Akihabara

    Night time is a great time to check out Akihabara, the focal point of Japan’s distinctive otaku culture.

  • Sunrise by the iconic Tokyo Skytree

    Japan’s tallest structure, Tokyo Skytree, at dawn by the riverside is truly a sight to behold.

  • Soothe your weary body on hot stone baths

    Rest, weary traveler, at an oasis of relaxation in the middle of bustling Roppongi.

  • Haneda Airport is more than an airport

    If heading in to the city at night doesn’t appeal, get some sleep and freshen up at the airport’s First Cabin hotel.