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Gimhae International Airport

>> Please check here about airport access.

Gimhae International Airport

Arrival (Terminal 1F)

1. Quarantine Inspection:

Passengers arriving directly from Japan are not required to complete a quarantine questionnaire.

2. Immigration:

Please show your passport and immigration card.
*If you enter directly from Japan to Korea, holders of Japanese passports entering Korea for tourist purposes are not required to obtain visa.
*Korean passport holders or non-Korean nationals who possess Korean alien registration card are no required to complete an immigration card.

3. Baggage Claim:

Check your baggage carousel number on the monitor, and pick up your baggage.

4. Customs Inspection:

Passengers arriving from outside Korea must complete and submit a customs declaration form. *Customs Declaration forms may be filled out in the arrival area, but tin order to expedite process, please fill it out on board.

■Duty free/Tax free allowance
200 Cigarettes, 50 Cigars, 250g Other kinds of Tobacco, 1 bottle of Alcohol(a bottle less than 1000ml), 2 ounce Perfume, or the total overseas market value of all articles other than the above items must be under 400 USD.

Departure (Terminal 2F)

1. Check-in:

Please complete check-in at our check-in counter between 150 minutes and 50 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
*The locations of check-in counters change depends on the flights. Please check the airport monitors.

2. Custom application:

Cash foreign currency equivalent of more than 1,000 USD must be declared.

3. Carry-on baggage inspection:

The inspection of carry-on baggage.
*Carrying more than 100ml of liquids is prohibited.
Those containers are placed in a clear plastic zip-top bag with a maximum volume of 1 liter, a total length and width within 40cm. Only 1 bag per person is allowed on board.
For more detail.

4. Immigration:

Please show your boarding pass and passport to the immigration officer.
*Please come to the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to your flight departure.