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Inflight meal

* Prices show in Japanese Yen.
Made-in-Japan Chinese cuisine Shrimp & mayo with fried rice
Made-in-Japan Chinese cuisine Shrimp & mayo with fried rice
Shrimp & mayo on steaming hot fried rice: an unbeatable combination! Invented in a Chinese restaurant here in Japan, shrimp & mayo is a favorite among all ages.
Takoyaki from Takomasa + Tako-cham set
Takoyaki from Takomasa + "Tako-cham" set
GOOD PRICE Saving ¥200¥1,300
Katashimo Winery in Osaka has designed "Tako-cham," a sparkling wine specially to complement takoyaki octopus dumplings, and the peach rosé is available only on Peach flights.
Takoyaki only ¥600
"Tako-cham" Sparkling Peach Rose
produced by OSAKA KATASHIMO Winery
* Prices show in Japanese Yen.
Quick Combo
Curry Puff by Tamura
Specialty Peach and Vanilla Danish
Mackerel Sandwich
GOOD PRICE Saving ¥100~¥200¥500
Perfect combo meals for those looking for lighter options and value.
Choose one of three kinds of bread and a hot drink.
Mackerel Sandwich, Curry Bread, and Peach Vanilla Danish also available a-la-carte (400 JPY each)
Chicken Ramen Bukkomi Meshi Noodle and Rice Soup ¥400
Nissin Curry Rice Soup Cup Noodles (Curry Flavor) ¥400
Nissin Cup Noodles (Standard)(Seafood)
  Nissin Donbei (kitsune udon)
¥400 each
Shin Ramen ¥350
Peach Original Assorted Nuts and Rice Crackers ¥150
Assorted Snack Mix by Kameda ¥150
Chipstar ¥200
Mini Peach Ramune by Orion ¥100
Mini Pineapple Candy ¥150
Wakayama Peach Sherbet ¥300
Premium Dried Apples (The Power of Apple Polyphenol) Cinnamon Butter flavor ¥250
Kyoto Arashiyama Zarame Cotton Candy Peach & Vanilla Flavor ¥400
Kotabe Matcha ¥400
Osaka SakuSaku waffle ¥350
SOYJOY Crispy Peach ¥150
* Prices show in Japanese Yen.
  • COLD¥200each
  • Evian Mineral Water
  • Asahi Wonda Kiwami Black Coffee
  • Canada Dry Ginger Ale
  • Asahi Wonda Kiwami low-sugar canned coffee
  • Fujiya Peach Nectar
  • Pocari Sweat
  • Vitamin Fruits - Apple Mix 100%
  • Itoen Japanese Green Tea
  • Calpis Water
  • Coca Cola (limited edition package)
  • Coca-Cola Zero
  • Sprite
  • ・ Peach nectar jelly by Fujiya NEW ¥250
  • ・ Wilkinson Soda Water ¥100
  • ・ Rune Mineral Water ¥180
  • ・ Wakayama Orange Juice ¥300
  • HOT¥200each
  • ・ Inoda Coffee Original Blend ¥300
  • LUPICIA Peach flavored green teaNEW
  • Itoen Japanese Green Tea
  • Onion Soup
"Tako-cham" Sparkling Peach Rose produced by OSAKA KATASHIMO WineryNEW ¥900
Asahi Beer Super Dry ¥500
Asahi Beer Dry Premium Hojo ¥600
Asahi Beer Dry Zero(Alc 0.00% Non-alcohol) ¥400
Peach-flavored Zeitaku Shibori Chu-Hi by Asahi ¥400
Choya Honkaku Umeshu Pio(genuine plum wine) ¥300
Choya Umeshu Premium ¥500
Alcoholic beverages (excluding wine) are served with an original Peach snack except when ordered as part of a set item.