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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Peach Aviation Limited (referred to below as “Peach Aviation”) complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws, and appropriately handles personal information we receive from our customers (information about living persons consisting of names, dates of birth, or other information that could be used to identify individuals) (referred to below as “Personal Information”) as outlined below.

1. Purpose of collecting Personal Information and Retained Personal Data

All or part of the Personal Information and Retained Personal Data may be used within the scope necessary for the following purposes:

[1] Reservations, ticket sales, check-in, airport service handling, and in-flight services with regard to air transport services
[2] Reservations, ticket sales, and airport handling for interline transportations, joint operations, code share, intermodal transportations and contract operations
[3] Peach Express membership enrollment and customer data handling related to facilitating day-to-day management of said program.
[4] COMOMO enrollment and customer data handling related to facilitating day-to-day management of said program
[5] tabinoco enrollment and customer data handling related to facilitating day-to-day management of said program
[6] Information, information provision and management concerning the above articles [1] - [5] and other services or products offered by Peach Aviation (hereinafter collectively referred to as "services, etc.") various events, prizes, competitions, and campaigns (hereinafter referred to as "events etc.")
[7] All operations incidental or related to articles [1] - [6] above.
[8] Creating statistical data processed into a format that shall not identify individuals in relation to the services, events, etc.
[9] Management and notification of services, products, events and campaigns of Peach Aviation Group companies and partner companies.
[10] Responses to inquiries and requests
[11] Sales of property insurance, small-amount short-term insurance and their associated services for which Peach Aviation is contracted by ACE Insurance, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc., and Ticket Guard Small Amount & Short Term Insurance Co., Ltd.

Note: For more details about the purposes for which these insurance companies use personal information, please visit their websites.

-ACE Insurance
( )
-Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
( )
-Ticket Guard Small Amount & Short Term Insurance Co., Ltd.
( )

2. Collection of personal information

Peach Aviation will obtain Personal Information only by fair and appropriate means.

3. Provision to third parties

Peach Aviation will not provide Personal Information to any third parties except under the following circumstances or for the following purposes. Please note that when Personal Information is provided to or shared with contractors to whom Peach Aviation entrusts operations, this is not considered “provision to third parties.”

[1] Customer consent has been obtained.
[2] Provision is required by laws or regulations.
[3] Provision is required to protect human life, health, or property in cases where obtaining customer consent is difficult.
[4] Provision is required to cooperate with the public affairs of national or local governments, and when obtaining customer consent is likely to hinder the administration of public affairs.
[5] Personal Information is provided in a format that does not disclose identity, as in statistical data.
[6] Personal Information is provided as a result of the succession of business due to a merger, company split, transfer of business or otherwise.

4. Trust of Personal Information to trustees and supervision of third parties

When the need arises, Peach Aviation entrusts work to trustees, and in such cases, may entrust to handle Personal Information within the scope of what is required to achieve the purpose of utilization. In such cases, Peach Aviation appropriately supervises trustees, including concluding contracts governing utilization of Personal Information.

5. Data sharing

Peach Aviation may share Personal Information with joint users of this information as follows.

●Joint Use Partner LP
●Type of information shared
Reservation number at the time of ticket purchase, travel destination, travel date
(Limited to the information of the person who clicked the advertisement leading to the hotel reservation site provided by the joint use company)
●Purpose of use
1) To analyze data provided from the "Peach Rooms" site.
2) To verify data from the "Peach Rooms" site, with data from Peach Aviation Ltd. Website.
Responsible party: Peach Aviation Ltd.
Method of acquisition: Website

6. Managing Personal Information

We take all appropriate and necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of Personal Information, and exert ourselves to keep Personal Information accurate and up-to-date within the scope of utilization and ensure that our executives and employees are properly trained regarding appropriate handling to safeguard the security of Personal Information. An appropriate retention period for Personal Information is established separately in accordance with the purpose for which such information is used. Following the expiration of this period, we dispose of the Personal Information by appropriate methods.

7. Inquiries and submission of requests for disclosure of Retained Personal Data

(1) Notification of the purpose of utilization, disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, discontinuance, and erasure of Retained Personal Data
Any customer request for the notification of the purpose of use, the disclosure, the correction, deletion, addition, discontinuance of utilization or erasure of Retained Personal Data held by Peach Aviation (referred to below as “Disclosure etc.”) shall be handled, within the scope of relevant laws and regulations, after requests for Disclosure etc. are determined to authentically originate with the customer or his or her proxy.

However, we remind customers that requests for Disclosure etc. may impede the provision of services to the customer, despite our best intentions. Also, in some cases it may not be possible under the relevant regulations to fulfill requests for discontinuance of utilization or erasure.

request guidelines
(1) Address to send requests for Disclosure, etc.
Any customer request for Disclosure, etc. must be made using the specified forms, accompanied by the necessary documents, and received by mail at the following address: *Please note that we are unable to respond to any requests submitted by means other than postal mail.

Personal Information Desk
Peach Aviation Limited
1 Senshu-kuko-naka Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka 549-0011, Japan

(2) Documents required for the request for Disclosure etc.
Any request for Disclosure, etc. must be submitted by post after downloading request forms (A) and filling out all required information, enclosing personal identification documents (B), and enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope (C) and a fee (when the request is for disclosure or for notification of purpose of use only) (D). Please note that handling of requests received from customers living outside Japan may differ, so please inquire with the Personal Information Desk at the address listed below. Customer requests for Disclosure, etc. may not be acknowledged if any of the required information is missing.

(A) Request form
Form requesting Disclosure, etc. of Retained Personal Data:( pdf PDF)
(B) Personal identification documents
Please enclose either (1) or (2) below.
(1) A copy of one of the following: driver's license, passport, physical disability certificate, resident card or special permanent resident certificate.
(2) Instead of the documents listed in (1) it is possible to submit two of the following:
Copy of health insurance certificate
Copy of pension booklet
Original certificate of seal registration (issued no more than three months ago) with registered seal stamped in the margin
(C) Self-addressed stamped envelope
Please write your name and address on the envelope and affix an 82-Japanese yen stamp.
(D) Fee: A fee of 1,000 Japanese yen will be charged for each request (when the request is for disclosure or for notification of purpose of use only).
Please enclose a 1,000-Japanese yen postal money order issued by Japan Post Bank. *If the enclosed fee in insufficient or if no fee is enclosed, you will receive a written notification of this. If payment is not received within two weeks after the notification is issued, your request for Disclosure, etc. will be deemed unreceived.

(3) When request for Disclosure, etc. is sent by a representative
When the legal representative of a minor (under 20 years of age) or adult ward requests Disclosure, etc., or the person in question delegates a representative to request Disclosure, etc. on his or her behalf, in addition to the documents for the person him or herself, listed in paragraph (2) above, please enclose the two following types of documents relating to the representative.
1)Identification documents of representative (same as those listed in item 2(B) above)
2) Power of attorny, or other document certifying the right of the representative to request Disclosure, etc.

(4) Way of responses to requests for Disclosure, etc.
A written response will be sent to the individual who requested disclosure (i.e. to the address on the self-addressed stamped envelope.) When information is not to be disclosed, you will be informed of this fact and the reason. Responses may take several days to arrive. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that Retained Personal Data will not be disclosed under the following circumstances:
(A) Identity of requesting party cannot be verified
(B) Request is made through a representative, and identity of representative cannot be verified
(C) Not all required documents are enclosed
(D) Information for which disclosure is requested does not fit the definition of “Personal Information”
(E) Disclosure would run the risk of adverse effects to the safety, wellbeing, property or other rights and interests of the requesting party or a third party
(F) Disclosure would have the potential to interfere significantly with business operations of Peach Aviation
(G) Disclosure would violate other laws and regulations

(5) Purpose of use of Personal Information obtained in relation to requests for Disclosure, etc.
Personal information obtained as a result of requests for Disclosure, etc. will be utilized only within the scope necessary for response to the request. Documents received will be kept for a designated length of time and then disposed of by appropriate means.

(2) Other Inquiries
Please send all inquiries regarding handling of Personal Information to the following address. All inquiries should be made by post. Thank you for your cooperation.

Personal Information Desk

Peach Aviation Limited
1 Senshu-kuko-naka Tajiricho, Osaka,
Japan 549-0011

8. Application and modification of this Privacy Policy

Use of Peach Aviation services and products by a customer is deemed to constitute full understanding of and consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to revision by Peach Aviation at any time.

January 26, 2016