Case Studies

Peach Aviation Introduces the Airbus A320neo

In October 2020, Peach became the first Japanese low-cost carrier (LCC) to introduce the Airbus A320neo. The A320neo is approximately 20%* more fuel efficient than its current model, the A320ceo. It achieves this with its new generation engine LEAP-1A and sharklets (large curved wing-tip extensions). Peach will continue to introduce fuel-efficient aircraft and improve its operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
* Numerical values published by Airbus

The New Generation Engine LEAP-1A

The new generation engine LEAP-1A has reduced the number of fan blades from 36 in the current model to 18, and uses a highly impact resistant lightweight 3D carbon fiber composites. Thanks to other solutions, such as new lightweight materials with high temperatures resistance and parts manufactured by 3D printers, the engine boosts safety and propulsion efficiency, reducing engine weight and fuel consumption for lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Airbus A321LR

In December 2021, for the first time in Japan Peach introduced the new Airbus A321LR, which has the same high fuel performance as the A320neo, and entered into service. We continue to actively promote initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint such as greenhouse gas emissions, with sustainable air transportation as our goal. For example, we aim to switch all aircraft in our fleet to the A320neo and the A321LR, which are highly efficient and have superior environmental performance.