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Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion for Our Customers and Peach Employees

Peach values an organization culture that stresses diversity in nationality, culture, and lifestyle. We support lifestyles in which individuals, not only customers but also employees, can energetically participate.

Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion for Our Customers

Seat number indication in Braille

Peach will work with various partners involved in corporate activities to improve and enhance human actions and facilities, so that we can provide services that are more comfortable for all of our customers.

Passengers may use our wheelchair from Peach counter at the airport. In the cabin, seat numbers are indicated in Braille* and we provide the "Safety Instructions Leaflet" in Braille. For passengers who have difficulty hearing in-flight announcements, we also provide "Information Sheet" that includes flight time to destinations and other information.

As part of our goal of becoming the “Bridge to Asia,” Peach is committed to supporting our non-Japanese customers with multilingual services. Contact centers with operators and our website are offered in seven languages, including Japanese and English.

*Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321LR

Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion for Peach Employees

Peach employs staff from more than 30 countries and regions. Staff with various backgrounds coming from industries other than aviation and diverse individualities are making the most of their respective strengths. Women account for approximately 25% of managerial roles, and persons with disabilities account for approximately 3% of the employees.

They also take advantage of teleworking, workcations, and flexible hours to work at their optimal locations and times that lead themselves and the company to achieve better results, and keep energetic while work and life are well harmonized.

Believing that diversity will produce innovation, we are working on promoting the employment and development of diverse human resources, and creating an inclusive organizational culture in which all staff members shine in their own way and mutually utilize each other's individualities and strengths to make the overall organization stronger.

*Figures as of August 2022