CEO Message

Aspiring to Be a Bridge for Asia

Peach’s Corporate Philosophy consists in “serving as a bridge for Asia, promoting the exchange of ideas, information, and cultural understanding between people”.

By revitalizing regions in Japan and Asia through the exchange of ideas, information, and cultural understanding, we can achieve sustainable economic growth supported by the regions. We promote community development, increasing personal exchanges and relationships in regions with declining populations and shrinking economies, while working toward sustainable symbiotic societies where communities and Peach grow together for years to come.

We want to make flying affordable for everyone through extremely low fares. Our dream is to help people make new friends and create a world filled with joy. The first step to foster kind-heartedness consists in people recognizing and respecting each other across national and regional boundaries, through the promotion of inter-personal exchange.

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Load

Addressing environmental problems is fundamental to becoming a bridge for Asia through our fleet of aircraft. Environmental problems are global in scope, and will affect future generations. As a company that operates successfully in the global environment, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact in order to realize sustainable societies where business and the environment are in harmony, so that we can pass on a healthier planet to future generations.

To achieve these aims, we research and introduce new technologies and service styles to reduce our environmental impact, such as through aircraft with low CO2 emissions (the A320neo) and sustainable aviation fuel, working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to use and recycle limited resources effectively.

Using resources and energy efficiently and appropriately will lower costs and ultimately help us to achieve one of our visions, “The Lowest Cost Airline – Strive for cost control down to a single yen and survive against competition”. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and work with our various partners, including group companies, contractors and business partners, devising ways to eliminate waste and reduce environmental impact in our many operations.

Peach aims to promote conditions where satisfaction prevails through regional revitalization and initiatives that address environmental problems.

Takeaki Mori
Representative Director & CEO
Peach Aviation Limited

Takeaki Mori