CEO Message

Aspiring to Be a Bridge for Asia

Peach’s Corporate Philosophy consists in “serving as a bridge for Asia, promoting the exchange of ideas, information, and cultural understanding between people”.

It is essential for us to address environmental issues as we use our fleet to become a bridge for Asia. As an airline, we strive to introduce technology, etc. to reduce our environmental impact and ensure that we reuse and make the most of the limited resources that we all have. We aim to use resources and energy in an appropriate and non-wasteful manner and work toward realizing a sustainable society where profitability and environmental protection coexist in harmony.

Furthermore, in order to enhance the flow of people, things and experiences, we will work to spur regional development together with regional stakeholders who have supported us in our airline business & operations. We will maintain and expand the network connecting the regions, viewing it as essential transportation infrastructure. Additionally, we will take on the challenge of creating new business opportunities that will enable us to grow alongside the region.

In addition, we will promote Diversity and Inclusion, aiming to realize an inclusive and sustainable society in which everyone, from customers to staff, has their diverse individualities and respected values, and both individuals and companies can grow together. To provide ever more pleasant services for all of our customers and to build a company in which staff members find enjoyable and happy to work, we will strive to enhance the overall capabilities of our organization and create an inclusive culture.

Peach will earnestly address the key sustainability-related themes of “Environment,” “Diversity & Inclusion,” and “Regional Revitalization” in collaboration with various partners & stakeholders, aiming to be an airline that our customers will always look forward to flying and, more than that, to be an airline that is loved by our customers.

Peach Aviation Limited
Representative Director & CEO
Kazunari Ohashi