• ICN서울 (인천)
  • TPE타이페이 (타오위안)
  • KHH가오슝
  • HKG홍콩
  • PVG상하이 (푸동)
  • BKK방콕 (수완 나품)
  • KIX오사카 (간사이)
  • MMB메만베쓰
  • KUH구시로
  • CTS삿포로 (신치토세)
  • SDJ센다이
  • KIJ니가타
  • NRT도쿄 (나리타)
  • HND도쿄 (하네다)
  • NGO나고야 (중부)
  • FUK후쿠오카
  • OIT오이타
  • NGS나가사키
  • KMI미야자키
  • KOJ가고시마
  • ASJ아마미
  • OKA오키나와 (나하)
  • ISG이시가키
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* 표시 시각은 모두 현지 시각입니다.

Regarding the flight operations affected by typhoon Gaemi (as of 15:30 JST, 25 Jul 2024)

※ Some flights have been cancelled or delayed.

Flights to/from the following airport may have an impact on operations.

【25 July】Kaohsiung

We will inform customers with reservations for the flights in question by email or on the app as soon as delays or cancellations are determined. (Click here to find out how to set up.)

・The flight status of each flight can be checked from the day before the boarding date. Please select the “date, departure and destination” below and search.
・Please note that if you cancel or change a flight that has not been confirmed to be significantly delayed or cancelled, you will not be eligible for a refund or transfer at no charge.