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Peach Profile

Peach Profile makes booking with Peach even easier and more convenient.
You can save your contact details, list your travel companions, confirm your booking history and manage your current bookings easily.

What you can do with Peach Profile

Save User (Contact Person) Profile

Account owner will be set as the contact person automatically when making a new booking with Peach Profile. You won’t need to keep inputting your contact details again when making a new booking.

  • How to create a Peach Profile
  • How to edit profile info

Create your Family Member List

You can create a family member list which includes your family or friends who usually travel with you.
When making a new booking with Peach Profile, you can select the passenger from your list and make bookings easily.

  • How to create your family member list

Click here login My Profile page for creating your family member list

Manage Live Bookings

All of your current Peach reservations are listed as LIVE bookings until the departure time. You can check/resend itineraries and also make changes (add bag/select seat/change or cancel flights) at My Profile page.

  • About advance seat selection
  • About baggage

Search and Confirm Booking History

All the bookings you made via your Peach Profile are saved in the booking history of My Profile. You can check, resend and print your itineraries here.

Save/Delete Credit Card Information

You can save data from up to two credit cards so you no longer need to re-enter it each time you make a new booking.

* This function is only available when user makes a Japanese yen payment for a booking made via Peach Profile.
* Save/delete credit card function is only available on payment page that is displayed during create new booking. (Service provider: NTT Data)

How to Create a Peach Profile

Access the registration page.
Click button below to access My Profile login page.

Register a New Peach Profile

Click “Register” on the login page, then the registration page will be displayed.

Enter all the required information, then click “Register” button.
Once you have the Client ID on the screen, the registration has been completed!

After the registration has been done the system will send an confirmation email to you.
Please keep the confirmation safely guarded as it includes your profile details. 

How to Edit My Profile

You can edit User Profile and add your family/friends into the passenger list after logging into “My Profile” page.

Login to My Profile

To Login to My Profile, please enter your Client ID/Email address and password then press the “ LOGIN” button. The system will bring you to My Profile page.

How to Edit Profile Info

How to edit user profile:

To update user profile, please click “Edit” button (①)and edit what you want to update, then click the “Save” button (②)

How to edit Family Member list:

To add a friend or family member to your list , please click “add” button(③)and enter all required information. Then click the “Save” button(⑤)
To edit the information of an existing friend or family member, please click the “Edit” button(④)
in the member area, then update the information and click the “Save” button (⑤)

How to make a booking with Peach Profile Account

Making flight reserviations is fast and convenient when using your Peach Profile account. To login to your Peach Profile when booking, please select a flight on the flight search result page and proceed to next step, where the login screen will be displayed.

When utilizing your Peach Profile, the registered contact and passenger information in your profile will be reflected automatically. No need to input this information each time you make a booking!

Contact information will be shown automatically

Account owner will be set as the contact person automatically when make a new booking with Peach Profile. So you would no longer need to put the contact detail again every time when make a new booking.
In addition to this function, contact information will be automatically set as the first passenger when the checkbox “include applicant as passenger” is checked.

Select a passenger from your family member list

When you make a new booking with Peach Profile, you would be able to select passengers from your family member list. You can reduce time to process and make a booking smoothly.

To create your own family member list, please go to My Profile page.

Make a payment with saved credit card information

You would no longer need to put the credit card information when you make a booking with Peach Profile if you already saved your credit card information. (Service provider: NTT Data)

If you have not saved a credit card yet, please check the checkbox “Register the card information above to skip entry procedure from next time” to save the time of enter credit card information from next time.

*Available only when make a payment with Japanese Yen while logging into a Peach Profile.
*Available only when make the whole payment with credit card.

When you forget Client ID and/or password

If you forgot your password, please click “Forgot Password” link on Peach Profile login page, then enter your Peach Profile ID to reset your password.

If you lost both Peach Profile ID and password, please contact our contact center to resend the detail.