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Advance Seat Selection

Peach offers a seat selection service where passengers can pre-reserve their seats.
Seat Selection allows you to select the seats you desire, keeping your travel party seated together.
Customers who choose not to pre-reserve the seat will be automatically assiged a seat.
This seat cannot be changed at check-in.

About Seat Type

Passengers can select their leather seats from four seating types: Fast Seat, Pleasure Seat, Smart Seat and Standard Seat.

[Standard Seat]

You can make selections with our stylish leather seats. Standard Seat selection is free for Value Peach and Prime Peach fares.
To view our seat map, please click here
* Part of our fleet has introduced the "pre-reclined seats" in all seats that has a certain degree of reclining fixed on the backrest.

[Pleasure Seat]

All seats from row #6 to row #11 and all the window seats from row #14 to row #30. If you want a front row, or want to see a view from the window during your flight, please select this seat. 
* Please note row#11 does not recline.
* Pleasure Seat selection is free for Value Peach and Prime Peach.
* Part of our fleet has introduced the "pre-reclined seats" in all seats that has a certain degree of reclining fixed on the backrest.

[Smart Seat]

All seats from row #2 to row #5 and seats in the emergency exit row (row #12, 13) are Smart Seats. Row #2 to row #5 are convenient seats to embark or exit the airplane, and row #12, 13 provide you with extra leg room.
* Smart Seat selection is free for Prime Peach.
* Please note row#12 does not recline.
* Part of our fleet has introduced the "pre-reclined seats" in all seats that has a certain degree of reclining fixed on the backrest.

[Fast Seat]

Front row seats are Fast Seats. Passengers who select Fast Seat enjoy extra leg room, are able to exit the aircraft first, and as a courtesy have their checked baggage tagged to expedite delivery to the baggage reclaim. (Due to variations in airport facilities, Peach does not guarantee delivery times to reclaim)
* Please note some child seats may not fit on the front row of the aircraft.
* Please note that the armrest on the first row (fast seat) does not raise.
* Part of our fleet has introduced the "pre-reclined seats" in all seats that has a certain degree of reclining fixed on the backrest.

Space Seat Option

“Space Seat Option” is an optional service that allows you to take up unoccupied seat(s) next to yours, as long as there are a certain number of seats available on the flight you have booked.

- Although it rarely happens, we may not be able to offer the Space Seat Option due to a shortage of available seats on the day of your flight.
- The Space Seat Option can be purchased only from the Contact Center during hours of operation.
- Please click here for the details of Space Seat Option service fees, booking method, and conditions.

Seat Selection Charge (per seat)

Seat selection fees are quoted in the currency of your first point of origin. Itineraries that originate outside Japan will be charged in the local currency.

For the details of seat selection charges, please click on the links below.

Domestic flight seat selection fees
International flight seat selection fees

Important notice:
* Advanced seat selection is only available up to 3 hour before flight departure.
* Passengers who do not select a seat in advance will be assigned one automatically and will not be able to make changes after seat assignment.
* Peach reserves the right to make seat assignment changes due to some unavoidable circumstances.
* Passengers with reduced mobility, blindness/visual impairment or who require special assistance will have specific seats assigned to them onboard and therefore should not purchase a reserved seat. If you have a preference, please call our Contact Center.

Terms and Conditions of the Advance Seat Selection

Advance Seat Selection Service is non-transferable* and non-refundable.
If you choose to change a pre-selected seat, additional seat fee is payable and any previously paid fees are non-refundable. In the event that your flight schedule is changed due to reasons including cancellation of your flight, we may not be able to secure the seat of your request, depending on the seat availability on the new flight. Please also note that we may have to change your seat for operational safety reasons.

Passengers Seated in Emergency Exit Rows

Based on Japanese Aeronautical Regulations (issued April 1, 2009), emergency exit row seats can be assigned to passengers who satisfy all of the requirements below.

The passenger must:

  • 1. Be 15 years of age or older.
  • 2. Not accompanying children under 12 years of age.
  • 3. Not require the assistance of an escort or staff.
  • 4. Do not have to assist an accompanying passenger in an emergency evacuation.
  • 5. Is capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation, such as opening or closing an aircraft door.
  • 6. Not be pregnant with an expected date of delivery up to 28 days.
  • 7. Can communicate in Japanese or English.
  • 8. Can understand evacuation procedures and crew's instructions, and can verbally convey such information to other passengers.

* Due to the physical effort required to properly assist the evacuation of an aircraft, it is recommended that pregnant passengers with an expected date of delivery of 29days or more and passengers who use a cane select a seat other than those in the emergency exit row.

We kindly request the assistance of passengers seated in the emergency exit row to enable the passengers to swiftly evacuate the aircraft in case of emergency.
Crew members will provide you the directions to perform some of the following tasks when it is necessary.

Opening Emergency Exit

When evacuation of the aircraft is instructed, check through the window to ensure that there is no fire and the emergency exit window is not submerged in water. Remove the cover, remove the hatch inward by pulling the handle inside, and discard the hatch out of the aircraft.

Assisting Other Passenger in the Evacuation

When the emergency exit is opened and the escape slide fully inflates, slide down and assist other passengers sliding down at the bottom of the escape slide.
From inside the aircraft, guide other passengers to evacuate outside the aircraft in order.
Instruct the other passengers to inflate life vests by pulling the cord, not inside the aircraft but on the wing.

Passenger who do not meet all the conditions above may be required to change seats.
Additionally, any passenger may be asked to change a seat if our staff judges the passenger does not meet all the conditions above for emergency exit row seating.
In this case, seat selection charges will not be refunded.
Passengers seated in emergency exit row seats must stowed all belongings in the overhead compartment.

* For FAQ about emergency exit, please click here.