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  • KUHKushiro
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  • KIJNiigata
  • NRTTokyo (Narita)
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  • FUKFukuoka
  • OITOita
  • NGSNagasaki
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Delay/Cancellation Related Support

The Timing to Decide a Delay/Cancellation

As the timing is depending on the actual situation, there could be case that we decide it just before the scheduled departure time.
In case of typhoons and bad weather, which can be forecasted in advance, we will try our best to decide the timing to announce the delay/cancellation notification as soon as possible.

The Latest Update of Signigicant Delay/Cancellation

You can confirm the latest operation status using your PC or Smartphone.
The latest update will be released via Peach website on the [Flight Status] page, 1 days before the scheduled departure date.

Notification of Significant Delay/Cancellation

When a flight is decided to delayed significantly/cancelled, we will announce through the methods below

  • 1. Peach website [Flight Status] page
    The latest flgiht operation information are updated here.

  • 2. Public annoucements at the airport and via the flight status monitors
    We will carry out public annoucements in the airport and show the information via the flight status display monitors.

  • 3. Push notification in Peach app
     We will inform you by push notification in adavance when flight delay or cancellation is decided.
     *This applies to the booked flights displayed in the app.

  • ・reception settings for push notification
     Please switch on "push notifications" in the "notification settings" section of the app menu.
     *Notification settings on your device are also required.

  • 4. Emails
    In case of delay/cancellation confirmed in advance, we will notify you by email to your registered email address.

    ・The email will be sent with the below email address and subject:
     In case your email box has been set to filter junk mail, please change your setting in advance.
     Sender: noreply@resmail.flypeach.com
     Subject for Flight Delays: "Peach delayed flight information"
     Subject for Flight Cancellations: "Peach cancelled flight information"

    ・How to confirm/update your registered email address
     Please search it from the [Manage Booking] page. (The Booking Reference number is a must)
     After retrieving the booking, you may update your email address at [Change Passenger Details].


*Depends on the timing of delay/cancellation being decided, there could be case that the notification cannot be made through Peach website or emails, and being announced ath the airport.
*For bookings made via a travel agency, the notification will be made to the travel agency but not to customers directly.

Handling of Applicable Air tickets

If your flight has encountered a significant delay* or has been cancelled, we will provide you with a refund or an alternative flight transfer.
There is no handling fee required for this refund or alternative flight transfer by application through Peach website.
If tickets were purchased through a travel agency, please contact your agency within the application period.

*If a delay of more than two hours is decided before the start of check-in, the delay will be treated as a significant delay.
If it is decided after the start of check-in that the flight will be delayed for more than two hours, the ticket will be handled at the airport.

» Read more about the handling to significantly delayed/cancelled bookings

Certification for a Significant Delay/Cancellation

You can issue a Delay/Cancellation Certificate through Peach website.

*Both the Booking Reference number and the telephone number are required for certification.
*Delay Certificates are issued to flights encountering a delay for 10mins or above.
*If tickets were purchased through a travel agency, please contact your agency.

Regarding the Compensation for Accommodation and Transportation

Please understand that Peach will not compensate any other fees for your travel (e.g. Accommodation, transportation, etc.) due to this delay/cancellation.