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Peach Point

What are Peach Points?

Passengers are entitled to use Peach Points to pay airfare, taxes and other fees related to their bookings.

4 different ways of using Peach Points

Peach Points are issued in the local currency where ticket was purchased.

Peach Points are available in the currency of the country of origin only, and are not convertible.
For example, if points were issued in Japanese Yen, they will only be eligible for use in payment of fares / fees of flights departing from Japan (either Domestic or International).

Where can Peach Points be Used?
・Peach Website
・Peach Check-in counter
・Contact Center
*Note: Payments combining Peach Points and credit card are not available at the airport counters.

Peach Points are non-transferrable.
・Points cannot be sold to others or converted into cash.
・When purchasing air tickets using Peach Point, Peach Points cannot be used unless the Peach Point holder is one of the passengers of booking.

Ways to get Peach Points/How to apply
・Cancellation refunds(Value Peach and Prime Peach)
・Peach point gift
  ex. the rewards of other campaigns

※Since some mobile e-mail addresses do not accept HTML, a PC e-email address must be entered on the application form.

How to purchase/How to apply
It may take up to 7 days for Peach Points to be issued upon request. When Peach Points are issued a HTML e-mail will be sent confirming the purchase and registration, including a certification number. If e-mail cannot be opened, please call the Peach Contact Center for assistance. Some mobile phones do not accept HTML mail, so please provide a PC address when registering.

Expiration date
Points shall be valid and in force for a period of 180 days commencing on the day on which such Points are issued.