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Reservation Changes


Depending on the details of change, there is a difference in how/where to apply as well as the acceptability.

Details of Change Website Contact Center Airport Counters
Departure date*1 *2
All passengers
A part of passengers ×
Seat selection*3
Space Seat Option*4 × ×
Adding checked baggage*1
Fare type*1 *2 ×
Passport details*1
Email Address*1
Origin/ Destination × × ×
Change of passenger name / transfer to someone × × ×

*1 The procedure is available by 1 hour before the departure time stated in the itinerary.

*2 Simple Peach/ Simple Peach Promo can be booked by 23:59 of 2 days before the scheduled departure time of the flight. When changing the flight to the current day or the next day, you need to change the fare type to Value Peach or Prime Peach.
Fare Type Changes: The procedure of changing fare type such as Simple Peach to Value or Prime Peach.

*3 The procedure is available by 3 hours before the departure time stated in the itinerary.

*4 Domestic:available by 3 hours before the departure time stated in the itinerary/ International:available by 24 hours before the departure time stated in the itinerary.

・In case of flight change, the paid seat selection, space seat option, and checked baggage will be cancelled, and the fees are non-refundable.
・Change of departure date which result in sector order change in multi-sector reservation is not available.
・Please note that you will need to pay the seat selection, space seat option charges and checked baggage charge again if you wish to have them for the new flight.
・Seat selection is not available by using check-in kiosk located in the airport counter.
・Only credit cards or Peach points are accepted at contact center/airport counter.
・Bringing carry-on baggage which is over the restrictions and cannot be stowed properly could lead to the delay in flight departure.

Fees and Charges

For changes in flight, departure date and fare type, change fees and fare difference will apply. (No refund is available to the new fare which is cheaper than the original fare.)

*Handling fee applies to procedures via the contact center and airport counters.

Cancellation and Refund due to Personal Reason

Cancellation / Refund

The procedure is available by 1 hour before the departure time stated in the itinerary.
Refund rules vary depending on the fare type.

Simple Peach Not eligible for refund.
Value Peach A fee of 1,100 yen will be charged for canceling the reservation.
The amount after deducting the cancellation fee will be refunded with Peach Points.
Prime Peach There is no charge for canceling your reservation.
We will refund you with peach points.
・ Refund in a cash/a credit card is not available.
・ For all fare types, various charges other than the fare (checked baggage charge, reserved seat charge, etc.) and various charges are not refundable.

*If you wish to cancel some passengers, you cannot complete the procedure on the website.
Please contact the contact center.

*Airport facility fees and tax is only refundable if a refund application is made within 6 months from the original departure date.
Please note that an administration fee of 3,300 JPY per sector will be charged. For more details, please contact our Contact Center.

Alternative flight transfer and Refund due to flight cancellation or significant delay

If your reserved flight is cancelled or significantly delayed, the following options apply regardless of fare types.
In this case, there is no cancellation or refund charges.

Change to an alternative Peach flight

Eligible period for alternative flight transfer: within 10 days counted from the next day of your original departure date

Eligible period for alternative flight departure date: within 10 days counted from the next day of your original departure date

*No handling fee is required for this flight transfer application.

Refund (For unused tickets only)

The refund application period

Weather conditions or other disasters: Within 10 days since the original departure date

In case of reason by Peach (such as aircraft maintenance):Within 30 days since the original departure date

*No handling fee will be charged for this refund application.

Refund methods vary depending on the payment method.

Payment Methods Refund Methods
Convenience Stores
Internet Banking (JPY only)
Bank Transfer
Amazon Gift Cards(*)
Other than those above Refund to payment method

* If you apply at the contact center / airport counter, the only refund method is bank transfer.

・When the booking has been cancelled or changed before the cancellation and significant delay is announced, it will not be eligible for refund or flight transfer alternative flights.
・Requests after deadline will not be accepted.
・A connecting flight or a round trip flight is non-refundable if both ways are not in the same itinerary (using the same booking reference number).
・Peach will not compensate any other fees for your travel (e.g. Accommodation, rental car at travel destination.)
・Alternative flight transfer to another airlines is not available.
・Refund application of Insurance fee is not available at Peach. Please contact your contracted insurance company in this case.
・If tickets were purchased through ANA or travel agency, please contact ANA or your agency within the application period.

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