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Space Seat Option

Space Seat Option

What is the Space Seat Option?

The Space Seat Option is an optional service that allows you to take up an unoccupied seat(s) next to yours, as long as there are a certain number of seats available on the flight you have booked.
*Although it rarely happens, we may not be able to offer the Space Seat Option due to a shortage of available seats on the day of your flight.

Recommended for

For a couple

Enjoy privacy and comfort with your own row of seats.
Plan your trip, share memories, or listen to your favorite music together. Your date starts from the moment you board the aircraft.

For yourself

The Space Seat Option allows you to occupy up to three seats so that you can rest comfortably with your arms and legs outstretched, or use a laptop or tablet device without worrying about people around you. Treat yourself to a luxurious time on board.

For your child

The Space Seat Option eliminates the stress of traveling with energetic children.
They can play with their toys, draw, or lie down and take a nap if they get sleepy.




*The charges above are for each additional seat you book with the Space Seat Option.
*Besides the above, a separate seat reservation fee applies depending on the seat(s) you reserve.
*These charges are payable only by credit card or Peach Points.


  • Book your flight on the internet or by phone.
  • Call the Contact Centre and apply for the Space Seat Option during the specified booking period.
  • Your Space Seat reservation will be finalized depending on the availability.

*A limited number of seats are available for the Space Seat Option on each flight. Please contact our Contact Center after booking your flight for information on availability.
*The Space Seat Option can be purchased only from the Contact Center during hours of operation.

Booking period

Domestic3 hours before the scheduled departure time

International24 hours before the scheduled departure time

The Space Seat Option is available only via the Contact Center

Terms and Conditions

- The Space Seat Option allows a passenger to occupy up to two additional seats, either the seat(s) adjacent to or in the same seat block (seats A through C or D through F) of the same row as the seat the passenger has booked.

Available seats: Seats A through C and D through F of all rows except Row 1 (Fast Seats) and Row 12 and 13 (Exit Row Seats).

- Be sure to have the itinerary you receive AFTER you purchase the Space Seat Option.

- Purchasing the Space Seat Option does not increase the number of carry-on bags you are allowed. Please also note that the Option does not allow you to carry on items that exceed the size limitations for carry-on baggage, such as large musical instruments. See this page for more information on carry-on baggage.

- Purchases of the Space Seat Option are non-refundable, except in the following circumstances:
Your flight is canceled by Peach or for reasons beyond the company’s control;
Peach judges it necessary to provide other passengers with the seat(s) you book with the Space Seat Option.

- If you change your reservation, there is no refund for a Space Seat Option that has been purchased. You will have to re-purchase the Option.

- You are not allowed to use a child safety seat on a seat you book with the Space Seat Option. If you need to use a child safety seat, you are required to purchase a separate flight ticket.

- If you are traveling with a child under two years old, keep the child on your lap during take-off and landing.

- One passenger is not allowed to book multiple seats on the same flight on the same day. If you wish to occupy multiple seats, be sure to purchase the Space Seat Option in advance.

- The Space Seat Option is valid only for the passenger named on the flight ticket.

- When the seat belt sign is turned on, you are requested to be seated in your reserved seat and keep your seat belt fastened.

- In circumstances other than the above, take your seat as instructed by the cabin crew.