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Reservation Changes

Reservation Changes

All types of fare can be changed; however, the change fees differ depending on the type of ticket that has been purchased. Changes to bookings are accepted via internet and Contact Center or at airport counter up to 1 hour before the departure time.

Please note that rebooking/flight changes between different fare types (For example : from Simple Peach to Value Peach) may NOT be done using the Peach website. Such changes may only be made via our telephone contact center or at the airport counter.

For Simple Peach, changes can only be made to flights scheduled to depart after midnight 2 days from date of change. If you want to change to a flight that is scheduled to departure before that, we suggest you change to our Value Peach or Prime Peach fare.

Fare Changes (Simple Peach fare⇔Value Peach fare)

Fare changes are available by paying the Change Fee and Fare difference. When changing from Simple Peach or Simple Peach Promo to Value Peach or Prime Peach fares, an additional change fee (Fare Type) is payable.
Fare difference is non-refundable.

Time/Date Change

Changes to Time/Date are permitted upon payment of the applicable Change Fee and Fare.
Changes to origin or destination are not permitted.

Passenger Name Changes

It is not possible to change the name on tickets.
It is not possible to transfer your ticket to somebody else.
If the person to travel is to change, the ticket must first be cancelled and a new ticket must be purchased.

Change Passport Details

Nationality, passport number, issuing country and validity dates can be changed at “manage booking” on our website. As the name on the passport cannot be changed, please be careful to input this data exactly as it appears on your passport at time of booking.

To change passport details, please click here.

Change Fee (Flight)

For change fee, please click here.

Change fee (Fare Type)

A change fee will be applied when changing a fare from Simple Peach or Simple Peach Promo to Value Peach or Prime Peach. This fee is in additional to the fare difference and the Change fee (Flight) may be charged if the flight has been changed.Please click here more detail.