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Convenience Stores, ATM etc.

Paying at Convenience Stores, ATM etc.

Payments can be made with ease at your local convenience store, or through Wellnet services.
Wellnet payments can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through your personal computer, mobile phone, or an ATM. 

Wellnet payment is only available for Japanese Yen payments.

Wellnet is a payment method that allows customers to make payments at convenience store multimedia kiosks and registers, at ATMs in banks and post offices, or via internet banking systems such as Pay-easy.

・The Peach ticket reservation site can be used solely for transactions in yen, for payments less than 300,000 JPY. (Only available in Japan)
・When making payments at convenience stores or through other payment methods, please note that if payments are not completed within 24 hours of purchase confirmation, your reservation will be canceled.
・Wellnet payment also cannot be used if the flight departure is within 72 hours of time of booking.
・Additionally, changes to your reservation cannot be made until your payment has been received. If you would like to change your reservation without completing your payment, please start a new reservation.
・There will be a processing fee charged for each one-way flight.

Paying at Convenience Stores

Payments can be made from Lawson, Circle K, Sunkus, Mini Stop, Daily Yamazaki, Three F and Seicomart convenience stores in Japan (excluding some stores and overseas stores) This payment method is only available for bookings made online.



Other (Bank or Post Office ATMs, Internet Payments) Payment Methods

Payments can be made through ATMs at your bank (including Japan Post Bank), as well as at ATMs at Credit Associations and Unions. 

You can make payments at your convenience on your home computer or on your mobile phone.

Payments can be made through the following main financial institutions.


* The limit for payments using cash cards is 1,000,000 JPY, and 100,000 JPY for cash payments. (The limit for payments using cash cards is subject to change depending on your personal settings.)

Payments with ATMs (Pay-easy Service):

Pay-Easy is a service that allows you to make transfers easily using the Internet or at an ATM. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and allows you to make payments from your computer, mobile phone, or any nearby ATM.

Most banking institutions within Japan are using this service enabling you to pay at your regular bank with ease.

Pay-Easy service hours differ depending on the banking institution, so please check with your bank.
* Banking institutions that use this service should display the "Pay-easy" mark

Internet Payments

Payments can be made through the following main financial institutions.