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Peach Points

Peach Points

Peach Points can be used to pay for fares, taxes and any fees such as seat or baggage fees included in your booking.

Please be aware that your Peach Point Number and the security code are required to use Peach Points.

*Peach Points may only be used in the original currency in which they were issued.
*There will be a processing fee charged for each one-way flight.

Using Peach points for partial payment

1. When using Peach Points for partial payments, the remaining amount can only be paid by credit card. (A credit card processing fee will be applied instead.)
2. Please be aware that if you select a credit card tab, the full amount will be charged by credit card.
3. To use Peach Points for partial payment is not available in the airport counter.

Payment with multiple Peach Points

1. If you have multiple Peach Point Numbers, you may use up to 2 Peach Point numbers at the same time.
2. When you pay with multiple Peach Point Numbers, they will be used in the sequence of entry regardless of the validity of Peach Point.
3. Please call our contact center or go to our airport counter if you want to change booking by using multiple peach points.

For more information about Peach Points, click here.