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Personal Information on our website

How we deal with Personal Information on our website

The following describes how we treat personal information gathered via the Peach Aviation Limited (referred to below as “Peach Aviation”) website and app(the “Peach Aviation website”). If you wish to know more about our general policy on privacy protection, please refer to the separate document entitled “Privacy Policy.”

1. Introduction

This document defines how we deal with information gathered via the Peach Aviation website and is based on the Peach Aviation Privacy Policy. Peach Aviation makes every effort to protect your privacy so that you can use the Peach Aviation website with confidence and peace of mind. By using the Peach Aviation website you are deemed to have understood and agreed to the following content.

2. Scope

In order to provide useful information and services to the customer, links to other websites are posted on the Peach Aviation website, but this Privacy Policy does not apply to sites accessed via such links. If you access websites administered by third parties, we recommend that you check the privacy protection policies of each individual website.

3. Security

Protection of personal information is secured through security technology based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) (*1) data encryption. This means that any information you provided when using this website cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third party. Furthermore, a firewall, anti-virus measures, and other measures deemed effective have been installed to prevent disclosure, appropriation, alteration, etc., of personal information by unauthorized third parties.

*1 About SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption
With SSL encryption, before customers’ personal information is transmitted, an electronic dialogue (digital authentication / digital signature) takes place between the customer and Peach Aviation, and two-way authentication is achieved before data is sent. During transmission, data is scrambled with random numerals, preventing data from mistakenly reaching third parties who may attempt to steal it.

In addition, data is encrypted using a method that combines two types of encryption methods; public key encryption (RSA) and symmetric key encryption (private key cryptography). An electronic “key” is required to decipher this information. Even if information is intercepted by third parties, it is impossible to decrypt encrypted information without the correct key. Although the number of available keys is finite, it is extremely difficult for third parties to decrypt information as it requires an unrealistically long time, even if work is conducted computationally using a computer, etc., to find the right key by testing all keys in turn.

4. Collection of data

[1] Site access
When customers access our website, we collect data in the form of cookies (*2) and mobile device Individual Identification Numbers (*3), in order to provide the information below to third parties so that our customers can use our website with greater ease.
- Registration data from special campaigns
- Site access history (using Web beacon) (*4)
Customer can block receipt of cookies at any time by changing the Internet browser setting. However, please note that without using cookies, response speed may go down significantly.

[2] E-mail
When we send mail to our customers, the following data may be collected:
-The status of HTML e-mails, i.e., whether they have been opened or previewed (using Web beacons)
- Whether our website has been accessed via a link in a text e-mail or HTML mail.

*2 Cookies A technology the user’s computer employs to remember that the user made access to our website. Information collected using cookies cannot be used to specify individual identity, such as the e-mail address or name of users. Peach Aviation shall be able to provide third parties with information collected by cookies within the scope necessary to fulfill the purposes stipulated in [Usage of Cookies and Individual Identification Numbers of Mobile Phones] Note that when customers access our website using cookies, it shall be deemed that the customer acknowledges the right of Peach Aviation to utilize the information that the customer accessed our website.

*3 Individual identification number
A unique identification number for a mobile phone, based on the mobile phone number.

*4 Web beacon
Minute pictures invisible to the naked eye (1x1 pixel GIFs) that are embedded into Web pages or HTML e-mails and used to collect information on when the page or e-mail has been viewed. Web beacons record data on the opening / previewing of e-mails and access to websites.

January 26, 2016