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Due to volcanic ash fall, flights operation to/from Kagoshima/Miyazaki may be affected.
Flight information/status will be updated if any change. Please kindly check our website Flight Status for the latest information.

The earthquake in Osaka area
An earthquake occured in Northern Osaka around 7:58 on 18JUN.
Flights to/from Osaka(Kansai)Airport have been affected by impact of the earthquake.
If you are scheduled to fly to/from Osaka(Kansai)airport on 18JUN, you are eligible to choose an alternative flight to your destination or receive refund.

Public transportation around Osaka area is affected.
Please check latest traffic condition and public transportation status.


Announcement of Peach Flight Cancellation

Thank you for choosing to fly with Peach.

(06/20/2018 18:21)
<Cancelled Flights>

MM0417/Sendai→Sapporo(Chitose) (Scheduled:14:45depart-16:00arrive) *Cancelled due to aircraft maintenance
MM0418/Sapporo(Chitose)→Sendai(Scheduled:17:00depart-18:05arrive) *Cancelled due to aircraft rotation

We regret to inform you that the above flight you reserved has been cancelled. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please apply for either of the following options.


1, To transfer to another Peach flight:

You can transfer to another Peach available flight which depart within 10 days from the original flight departure date without extra fee. Please complete your request to Contact Center or Airport Counter during business hours. It is necessary to make request within 10 days from the original flight departure date.
※ Please understand that Peach will not transfer to other airlines, nor offer alternate transportation like trains, buses and we will not compensate any other fees for your travel (eg. Accommodation, rental car at travel destination).

2, To Refund:

Please submit a refund application form which is on the following website before deadline.

* If passengers are different from the payer, we will refund to the payer. * If you booked at a travel agent, please contact your travel agent.

[To Insurance Holders]
Refunds for insurance fees must be separately requested directly from the insurance company; insurance fees will not be refunded by Peach. Please contact the insurance company if your travel plans are changed or decide to cancel your itinerary.

We cannot re-schedule or refund for flight reservations booked separately from affected flight(s) or as a connecting flight regardless of Airlines.

【Peach Contact Center】
Call us at 03-6731-9241 (call from Japan)
+81-3-6731-9241 (call from overseas)
9:00 - 18:00 Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year