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Safety Charter and Policy

At Peach, we consider "safety" as the highest priority commitment for airlines to their customers; thus, we have established the following Safety Policy.

1: Safety is our commitment to the public and the foundation of our business
Safety means to protect the lives and properties of our customers; it is a social responsibility.
Without fulfilling such responsibility, we cannot exist as a company. We believe that maintaining and improving standards of safety are essential for the development of the company, and are in fact the foundation of our business.

2: Ensured safety puts customers' minds at ease
We are naturally expected to safely deliver our customers to their destinations. However, we believe that we must fulfill this duty that is taken for granted before being able to put smiles on the faces of our customers, their families and friends, as well as ourselves. Furthermore, our business cannot exist without the smiles of our customers, for which constant and absolute “safety” is required.

3: Have the courage to stop for the sake of safety
Proceeding with doubts leads to irreparable situations. If there is even the slightest doubt about safety, we will stop to clear it. After it is cleared, we will proceed. It is important to develop a culture where the courage to stop for the sake of safety is praised even if it affects flights.

4: Maintain high standards of safety through strong teamwork
It is our conviction that flight safety is achieved only when various organizations and departments work in close collaboration and properly perform their duties. We believe that it is important for us to build strong team work based on mutual understanding and trust, and to properly perform duties among departments and organizations in order to continuously maintain and improve our standards of safety.