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Passengers with Disabilities

Passengers with Limited Mobility


Please send the Wheelchair Check Form by fax at least 5 business days prior to your departure date. We will contact you after receiving the form.

Download Wheelchair Check Form(pdf PDF)

1. Please inform us if you traveling with a companion.

Our cabin attendants are not permitted to provide medical services, to assist with feeding or personal hygiene and lavatory functions. For those customers requiring such assistance, it is recommended to travel with an escort*.

*Escort is a passenger who meets all of the following conditions.
・Must be over the age of 12
・Must be able to assist the attendee with evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency
・Must not be required to assist anyone other than the attendee during an emergency evacuation
・Must be aware of the attendee's condition and be able to provide any needed assistance
・Must be seated next to attendee

2. Please let us know if you have any mobility issues.

・Cannot walk by yourself
・Can walk alone but cannot ascend or descend stairs by yourself
・Can ascend or descend stairs by yourself but cannot walk long distance

3. Please tell us your wheelchair specifications

Please inform us of your wheelchair specificatiosn including the number of wheelchairs, size, weight and type of battery (if it is electric).
Please check with your wheelchair manufacturer if you are not sure which kind of battery is used.


We ask for your understanding that our staff may need to visually reconfirm the battery type of your wheelchair at check-in counter.
For customers with electric/battery-powered wheelchairs, please bring the operator's manual especially if the battery type cannot be visually identified.

Wheelchairs are not available in the parking lot area or at curbside. Please have someone come get the wheelchair from the check-in counter.

1. About your wheelchair

・Wheelchair must be checked-in as luggage.
・Wheelchair service is available for use in the airport.
・Be sure to arrive at the boarding gate well in advance of your flight's departure.

2. About guidelines of check in time

Check-in procedures and security check may take some time.
We advise you to come to the check in counter early with sufficient time to ensure priority boarding service. At least 60 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights (Kansai International Airport and Okinawa (Naha) Airport - 55 minutes prior), 80 minutes prior for international flights.

On Board

・Tools which support mobility (such as crutches, canes, walkers etc.) are allowed to be brought on board provided they can be stowed under the seat in front of you or in an overhead storage bin. Use of artificial limbs is permitted on flights operated by Peach.
・Please note that customers with disabilities cannot be assigned to exit row seats for safety reasons.
・You are requested to keep your seat in an upright position and keep your seatbelt fastened.
Upper-body support equipment is available for customers who have difficulty remaining seated for an extended period. Please ask our contact center for arrangement at least 5 days before departure.


If you have requested assistance in exiting the aircraft, please remain seated until our crew arrives to assist you.

Passengers Traveling with Service Dogs

Visually impaired, hearing impaired or disabled passengers may bring guide dogs, hearing dogs, or assistance dogs on board at no additional charge.

*There is a charge for first row (fast seat).
*Emotional Assistance Animals are not allowed to be brought on-board.

Booking via Contact Center

If you are traveling internationally, please note that service dogs are subject to quarantine in some country / region. For information on entry requirements and other regulations, please contact the consulate of your destination country or an animal quarantine center nearest you in Japan. In the case of Japan, you will be required to follow import/export quarantine procedures.


Please note that our staff will check your guide dog user certificate/harness on the guide dog (white or yellow harness for guide dogs), or service dog certificate/indication on the harness that the dog is an "assistance dog" or "hearing dog."

On Board

For security reasons, we will assign your seat; emergency exit row seats will be excluded.
There is no fee for the seat selection.


If you have requested assistance in exiting the aircraft, please remain seated until our crew arrives.

Passengers with Illness or Injury

The environment inside an operating aircraft is unique, and it may affect the conditions of your illness or injury.
Please consult your physician to confirm if you are fit to travel by air. Depending on your health condition, we may not permit you to board.

The following customers may not be permitted to board:
- Customers with health concerns
- Customers with major injuries
- Customers who have had major surgery