• KIXOsaka (Kansai)
  • MMBMemanbetsu
  • KUHKushiro
  • CTSSapporo (Shin-Chitose)
  • SDJSendai
  • KIJNiigata
  • NRTTokyo (Narita)
  • HNDTokyo (Haneda)
  • NGONagoya (Chubu)
  • FUKFukuoka
  • OITOita
  • NGSNagasaki
  • KMIMiyazaki
  • KOJKagoshima
  • ASJAmami
  • OKAOkinawa (Naha)
  • ISGIshigaki
  • ICNSeoul (Incheon)
  • TPETaipei (Taoyuan)
  • KHHKaohsiung
  • HKGHong Kong
  • PVGShanghai (Pudong)
  • BKKBangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
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Restricted items in baggage

Prohibited carry-on/checked items

Any articles liable to endanger and/or damage the aircraft, persons or properties aboard cannot be brought onboard and cannot be carried as either checked or carry-on baggage.
Please note that any items you may be carrying that are designated as dangerous goods will be disposed of at security checkpoints.

classification Typical example
Explosives Fireworks, crackers
Compressed gases portable concentrated oxygen, camping stoves with fuel, Cassette cylinder for stove, Lubricant Sprays,
Flammable and combustible substances A lot of matches or lighter fuel, Adhesives, oil lantern
Oxidizing substances Instant coolant, Bleach
Toxic substances Insecticides, pesticides
Corrosive substances Lunch box with heating device
Miscellaneous dangerous subtances bear repellent spray

*These regulations may change without prior notice. Please confirm the latest information with the airport/security staff.

In addition to the list above, please check the following for other conditions.

Besides, international flights may have additional rules and restrictions.
Please check the links below to make sure the restrictions of each departing airport.

Carry-on/checked items requiring special attention

There are prohibited items and some are restricted under certain conditions to be carried-on/checked.

Smartphones, personal computers, game consoles, etc.
(Portable Electronic Devices containing Lithium batteries)

In case of checking

・Switch off the devices completely

・Protect devices (e.g. Packed in hard suite case, wrapped by clothes) from damage and unintentional activation.

Mobile battery, spare battery, etc.
(Spare batteries for electronic equipment using lithium batteries)

[Lithium-ion battery]

・A watt-hour rating of not more than 100Wh: No limit on the number of items, can only be carried on board (short-circuit prevention measures required)

・Exceeding a watt-hour rating of 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh: Up to 2 per person can only be carried on board (short-circuit prevention measures required)

・A watt-hour rating of more than 160Wh: Not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage.

[Lithium metal battery]

・A lithium content of not more than 2g (not more than 8g for medical use): Only allowed in carry-on baggage (short-circuit prevention measures required)

*Exceeding a lithium content of 2g not more than 8g for medical use can only be carried on board, up to 2 per person.

・Exceeding a lithium content of 2g (exceeding 8g for medical use): Not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage.

*If the capacity cannot be confirmed, it may not be transported.

*If there is no description of the capacity (watt-hour rating), please check it with this formula.
Watt-hour rating (Wh) = Rated quantity (mAh) x Rated voltage (V) ÷ 1000
Depending on the product, there may be cases where the watt-hour rating and rated voltage are not indicated. Please contact the manufacturer.

Curling Irons/Hair Styling Equipment

[Battery type (including rechargeable type)]

If the battery cannot be removed from the device, it cannot be carried on board or checked in.

*In the case of lithium ion batteries, the battery can be removed from the device, and only batteries with a capacity of 160 Wh or less can be carried on board (the device can also be checked in).

*If the battery is not a lithium-ion battery, it can be carried on board or checked in if the battery is removed from the device and measures are taken to prevent the battery from shorting.

[Socket type]

・Can be carried on board or checked in

Electronic cigarettes and Smokeless tobacco

Allowed carry-on for personal usage only

*prohibited to be used in the cabin and to charge

*Short-circuit proof measures must be taken for the spare battery

*Carrying any electronic cigarettes or smokeless tobacco onto flights arriving to Hong Kong, Taipei (Taoyuan) and Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) Airports is prohibited. These items are also prohibited when carried as checked baggage.

Lighters and Matches

Up to one piece per passenger

Only portable type is allowed and for smoking purposes

*Cigar Lighter which is a lighter with a strong blue torch flame for lighting cigars and Oil Lighters without absorbent cottons are prohibited for checked and carry-on baggage.

*Carrying any matches or lighters onto flights departing from Shanghai (Pudong) International Airport is prohibited. These items are also prohibited when carried as checked baggage.

Alcohol and Beverages

Alcoholic beverages containing not more than 70% alcohol by volume are allowed.

About carrying them on board, please refer to"Liquids".

Scuba diving equipment

For both domestic and international flights: We do not accept scuba diving tanks.

Knives should be placed in checked baggage.

Spears should be removed from spear guns and they should be packaged separately and protected appropriately.



・First one: free of charge for checking (* only accepted as mobility aids used personally)

・From the second one: accepted as paid checked baggage

*A maximum of 5 items of checked baggage is allowed, including a wheelchair.


Depending on the battery type, different restrictions will be applied to the quantity and power consumption (Wh rating).

Child seat / Baby strollers

Free of charge (only for passenger traveling with infant or children)

Transportation of Recalled Electronic Devices containing lithium batteries

It is only acceptable to be carried on board.

* The following measures are required when carrying into the cabin.

・Turn off those electronic devices.

・Do not charge those electronic devices.

・Take measures to prevent unexpected operation and protect them from damage.

・Those electronic devices should be stored in a location near to the passenger bringing it on board.

*For flights departing from Taipei and Kaohsiung, neither checked-in nor carry-on baggage is permitted.

Also, there may be restrictions in some countries, regions, and cities.

Find out more about recalled electronic devices from here. (in Japanese only).

Please find more details about the items requiring special attention (including the list above) from the link below.

Plant Quarantine

Due to movement restrictions for plants, some of plants cannot be carried on board nor checked.
(Unsterilized sweet potatoes and morning glories from Okinawa Prefecture and the Amami Islands/uninspected citrus fruit, orange jasmine, other trees, and tree grafts from Okinawa Prefecture, Kikaijima, Okinoerabujima, Tokunoshima ,and Yoronjima)

Please refer below to learn more about Plant Quarantine.

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