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Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on baggage allowance (size/number of bag/weight)

Size Sum of the three dimensions should be less than 115 cm
Number of bag 1 bag per passenger in addition to 1 personal item (Total: 2 items)
Weight Up to 7 kg for 2 items
*The size of your baggage includes the handles, pockets, and wheels, etc.

*Includes duty-free items and other souvenirs purchased after security check

・Any items exceeding the size and weight regulations for carry-on baggage should be checked in at the baggage counter (paid option).
・When carry-on baggage is within the size regulations but cannot be stowed in the storage space, it must be checked in.
・In order to strengthen airport security checks and ensure safety on board, we ask for your cooperation in keeping carry-on baggage to a minimum.
・Airport staffs may examine your baggage size, weight and number of pieces either by sight or by measuring.
・Bringing carry-on baggage which is over the restrictions and cannot be stowed properly could lead to the delay in flight departure.

In case you do not agree to the above conditions, we may refuse your boarding.

Examples of restricted carry-on items

  • ●Lighters and Matches(*1 *2)

    ・Up to one piece per passenger

    ・Portable type and for smoking purpose only.

  • ●Electronic cigarettes and Smokeless tobacco(*3 *4)

    ・For personal usage only

  • ●Fireworks and Crackers

    ・Prohibited for carry-on and checked baggage

  • ●Scissors*5

    ・The cutting tools allowed to be carried on board are limited to small scissors without a sharp-end and with edge length no more than 6cm.

  • ●Large tripods

    ・Only items which fold down to a size of 60cm or less are permitted for carry-on.

*1 Carrying any matches or lighters onto flights departing from Shanghai (Pudong) International Airport is prohibited. These items are also prohibited when carried as checked baggage.
*2 Cigar Lighter which is a lighter with a strong blue torch flame for cigars and Oil Lighters without absorbent lighting cottons are prohibited for checked and carry-on baggage.
*3 In consideration of other passengers, the use of flame-free smoking equipment on board is also prohibited.
*4 Carrying any electronic cigarettes or smokeless tobacco onto flights arriving to Hong Kong, Taipei (Taoyuan) and Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) Airports is prohibited. These items are also prohibited when carried as checked baggage.
*5 Please note that scissors with edge length less than 6cm may also be prohibited in case of being judged as having a sharp-end.

Besides, international flights may have some additional rules and restrictions.

Examples of restricted carry-on items

Some items have additional rules and restrictions.

Please refer to【Items requiring special attention】for more details.

Medical equipment

There are some rules and restrictions on carrying medical equipment on board.

Please refer to【Personal Medical equipment】for more details.


Domestic Flights
  • On domestic flights, you are allowed to bring beverages on board.
  • Liquor・Alcoholic beverages: allowed on board

    *Alcoholic beverages containing between 24% and 70% alcohol by volume are allowed up to 5 liters per person.

    *Alcoholic beverages containing more than 70% alcohol by volume will not be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage.

  • Toiletries/medications (non-radioactive): allowed on board

    *Allowed up to 2 kg or 2 liters per person, and no more than 0.5 kg or 0.5 liters in each container

International Flights
  • On international flights, any liquids in containers which are larger than 100 ml (3.4 oz) are prohibited on board.

    *Alcoholic beverages containing more than 70% alcohol by volume will not be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage.

However, liquids are accepted as carry-on under the following conditions:

Size of container Less than100 ml (3.4 oz.)
Size of plastic bag Height: less than 20 cm
Width: less than 20 cm
(without the bottom gusset)
Number of plastic bag only 1 bag per person
  • Those containers which are under 100ml(g) are placed in a clear plastic zip-top bag with a maximum volume of 1 liter.

    *Liquids cannot be carried on board if the containers are under 100 ml (3.4 oz.) but not placed in a clear plastic bag or if the bag cannot be sealed.

    *Containers larger than 100 ml (3.4 oz.) or without a clear plastic bag will have to be either disposed of or placed in checked baggage.

    *"Liquids" include gels (such as toothpaste and hair gel) and aerosols.

  • Carry-on clear plastic bag is no larger than 20 x 20 cm (8" x 8") (without the bottom gusset.)
  • Only 1 bag per person is allowed on board.

    *At security checkpoints, please present it for inspection separately from other carry-on baggage.

  • Duty-free items can be carried on board in case of purchasing after passing the security checkpoints and under the limit of carry-on baggage.

    *Please be noted that it is required to be checked in case of having a connecting flight.

Medications, Baby formula/Baby food

  • The necessary amount for the flight is accepted to be carried on board.

    *Baby formula/baby food is available to be carried on board only when a passenger is traveling with an infant.

    *We may ask you to show your medical certificate which can define your diagnosis result or the name of illness, or the prescription of medication.

    *We cannot refrigerate the medication for you.


  • Passengers are not allowed to check in/carry pets on board.
  • *Insects like beetles, goldfishes and tortoises are included.

Please refer to【Assistance dog for the physically handicapped】for more details.

Restricted Use of Electronic Devices

  • The use of electronic/electric devices may interfere with the safe operation of our aircraft and is restricted on board, including while the aircraft is on the ground.

Please refer to【Restricted Use of Electronic Devices】for more details.

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