• KIXOsaka (Kansai)
  • MMBMemanbetsu
  • KUHKushiro
  • CTSSapporo (Shin-Chitose)
  • SDJSendai
  • KIJNiigata
  • NRTTokyo (Narita)
  • HNDTokyo (Haneda)
  • NGONagoya (Chubu)
  • FUKFukuoka
  • OITOita
  • NGSNagasaki
  • KMIMiyazaki
  • KOJKagoshima
  • ASJAmami
  • OKAOkinawa (Naha)
  • ISGIshigaki
  • ICNSeoul (Incheon)
  • TPETaipei (Taoyuan)
  • KHHKaohsiung
  • HKGHong Kong
  • PVGShanghai (Pudong)
  • BKKBangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
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Checked Baggage

Simple Peach fare (Peach’s basic fare) does not include any checked baggage allowance.
Passengers traveling on the Simple Peach fare will be charged for any checked baggage presented at the airport. If you must check baggage, we recommend that you choose Value Peach fare which includes one piece of baggage or Prime Peach fare which includes two pieces of baggage.

Checked baggage can be requested in advance via the Internet at reduced rates. Requests can also be made at the Contact Center and at the airport on the day of travel at higher fees.
Note: Cash is not accepted for payment at airport counters. Only credit cards are accepted.

For carry-on baggage rules please click here.

How to Check Baggage

Items of baggage which will not be carried on board should be checked in at the Peach baggage counter.
You can pre-book baggage online or via our call center. At the airport, you will receive your boarding pass from the automatic check-in kiosk. Please present your boarding pass and bags to the attendant at the Peach baggage counter. Hand your baggage to the clerk.
* You can save money by booking baggage online.
* Adding checked baggage via website is only available up to 1 hour before flight departure.

It is also possible to check-in your baggage at the airport counter on the day of your departure. After receiving a boarding pass at the automatic check-in kiosks, please present the boarding pass at the Peach baggage counter. Please pay the baggage fee at the counter, and hand your baggage to the clerk. * Only credit card payment is acceptable at the airport counter.
Passengers will be given a baggage receipt. Please keep this receipt with you until you reclaim your baggage at your destination.

【No baggage transfer】
Currently, Peach only offers point-to-point baggage service. If you have made two separate bookings (e.g. Sapporo-→Osaka (Kansai) →Fukuoka) in the same day, you will need to collect your baggage at each arrival point and re-check-in again.

Baggage Charges (per baggage)

Peach's baggage charges vary by Zone (route).
For the details of baggage charges, please check the links below.
Maximum weight of Checked Baggage is 20 kg. Total volume (length, width, height) cannot exceed 203 cm.

Domestic flight baggage charges
International flight baggage charges

Additional baggage fees are as follows:

Heavy Baggage Charges

Heavy baggage charges must be paid in addition to checked baggage charges for baggage which weighs between 20 kg and 32kg.
Heavy baggage charges are the same for Simple Peach, Value Peach and Prime Peach fares.
The charges must be paid for each section of the journey and are quoted in the currency of your first point of origin.

*To pre-purchase heavy baggage allowance, please call to our Contact Center or purchase at airport counter.
*Online booking is not available to add on heavy baggage.

Please check the Heavy Baggage Charges with Checked Baggage Fees.

The following items of baggage cannot be checked in:
Items exceeding the cumulative limitation of 100 kg per passenger.
Items of luggage which exceed 32 kg per item.
Items exceeding the total dimension 203cm.

Sports Equipment Charges

Sports equipment baggage charges are applied to the following types of sporting equipment.
- Golf bags
- Skis and snowboards
- Surfboard, Skimboard, Kiteboard/Wakeboard, and Wind-surfboard
- Bicycle

Sports equipment charges are the same for Simple Peach, Value Peach and Prime Peach fares.
The charges must be paid for each section of the journey and are quoted in the currency of your first point of origin.

Please check the Sports Equipment Charges with Checked Baggage Fees.

Important Notices:
* A maximum of 5 items of checked baggage is allowed, including sports equipment.

The following items of baggage cannot be checked in:
*Items exceeding the cumulative limitation of 100 kg per passenger.
*Sporting equipment weighing more than 20 kg per item.
*Items exceeding 203cm in either length, width or height.
Surfboards, Skimboards, Kiteboards/Wakeboards, and Wind-surfboards (including storage case) are the only items acceptable with a maximum length under 220cm.
*Hunting guns, sporting firearms are not acceptable.
*Please call our contact center regarding other sports equipment.

Details of Sports Equipment

Golf equipment:

Standard-sized golf bags, each containing maximum of 14 golf clubs and 1 pair of shoes, and weighing 20 kg or less, can be checked as extra sports equipment at the rates above.

Golf clubs must be packed in a box or case made from materials strong enough to protect from the impact/damage that may occur during delivery and flight handling.

Be sure to encase the entire golf bag in a protective cover (fabric, nylon, or rigid carrying case) before checking it. Also, the sports equipment charge applies even when only checking a golf club or golf bag.


Only bicycles which have been stored appropriately in a bicycle case and weigh 20 kg or less can be checked in.

Peach cannot provide bicycle cases, so passengers should arrange their own before boarding the plane.

Bicycles must be packaged as follows:

・The air must be removed from the tires. The pedals must be removed.
・The handlebars must be fixed parallel to the frame.

Skiing/snowboarding equipment:

Each passenger can check 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard, 1 pair of ski poles, and 1 pair of ski or snowboard boots, as long as they are properly packed and weigh 20 kg or less.

Surfboard/Skimboard/Kiteboard/Wakeboard/Windsurfing boards:

The above items can be checked (maximum length of 220 cm, maximum weight of 20 kg); there will be an extra sports equipment charge per case (each containing up to 2 boards). If the kite of the kiteboard/wakeboard is in a separate case with total dimensions less than 203cm and weighing less than 20kg, it can be checked in as regular baggage. Peach will not accept kiteboard/wakeboard kites longer than 220cm or more than 20kg.

Boogie boards/ Bodyboards can be checked in as regular baggage.

【Other items which require particular caution in baggage】

Valuables Breakables For both domestic and international flights:
Do not place any high-priced articles such as cash, valuables, jewelry, stocks and bonds, works of art or antiques, or any breakable items such as clocks and watches, cameras, computers, botttles or glass items, into checked baggage. peach will not be responsibe for any breakage or loss of such items.
Alcohol beverages Alcoholic beverages containing more than 24% but not more than 70% alcohol by volume
*There are no restrictions on alcoholic beverages containing 24% or less alcohol by volume; ones containing more than 70% will not be accepted as carry-on or checked-in baggage.
Liquids are subject to restrictions on domestic and international flights.
For details, please refer to "Liquids".
Pets For both domestic and international flights:
Pets cannot be either checked in or carried on.
Fishing rods For both domestic and international flights:
Fishing rods are not counted as sport equipment and can be carried as part of your checked baggage allowance.
Scuba diving equipment For both domestic and international flights:
We do not accept scuba diving tanks.
Knives should be placed in checked in baggage.
Spears should be removed from spearguns and they should be packaged separately and protected appropriately.
Wheelchairs For both domestic and international flights:
For passengers who use wheelchairs, any mobility aids used personally by the passenger such as wheelchairs can be checked in free of charge.
Depending on the battery type, different restrictions will apply for quantity and power consumption (Wh rating). Please click here for details.
Child seat / Baby strollers For both domestic and international flights:
For Passenger traveling with infant or children, baby car and baby stroller can be checked in free of charge.
Portable Electronic Devices containing Lithium batteries (Mobile phone, PC, Digital camera, Portable game machine., etc.) For both domestic and international flights:
Switch off the devices completely and protect devices (e.g. Packed in hard suite case, wrapped by clothes) from damage and unintentional activation.
(There is another restriction on those items. For more detail, click here.)
Transportation of Recalled Electronic Devices containing lithium batteries For both domestic and international flights:
Due to the risk of ignition and safety reasons, it is prohibited to be checked in and it is only acceptable to be carried onboard.
The following measures are required when carrying into the cabin.
- Turn off those electronic devices.
- Do not charge those electronic devices.
- Take measures to prevent unexpected operation and protect them from damage.
- Those electronic devices should be stored in a location near to the passenger who brought it on board.

* For flights departing from Taipei and Kaohsiung, neither checked-in or carry-on flights are permitted. There may also be restrictions in some countries, regions and cities. Please check here for the electronic devices to be recalled.

Unsterilized sweet potatoes, morning glories and the like from Okinawa Prefecture and the Amami Islands, as well as uninspected citrus fruit, orange jasmine and other trees and tree grafts from Okinawa Prefecture, Kikaijima, Okinoerabujima, Tokunoshima and Yoronjima may not be carried aboard or checked in. For more details, please check Plant Protection Station homepage (Japanese only)

Cautions for checked baggage

・Could customers with large baggage and excess baggage please arrive at the airport before boarding procedures begin.
・Please note that there may be unavoidable occasions when baggage cannot be checked in, for example as a result of the load to be carried.
・If checked baggage has become damaged, please inform airport staff at your destination immediately after retrieving your baggage.
・We take great care in the handling of your baggage. However, please be aware that we will not be liable for any damage to easily breakable items such as musical instruments, sports equipment (such as golf club, surfboards, windsurfing equipment, ski/snowboard equipment, scuba gear, and bicycles etc.), electrical equipment such as cameras or computers, precision machinery, works of art, pottery, glass or alcohol, whether such damage arises from a natural defect in the item or from its inherent nature.
Please note that no compensation for damages will be given if it is not possible to confirm that the damage to the baggage occurred whilst it was under the control of the airline company.
Please be aware that there is no service to wrap easily breakable items ( such as baby stroller etc.) and no plastic bag to cover on those items so we ask passenger to prepare those items to wrap.
・For baggage and personal belongings, the indemnity is up to ¥150,000 per customer.
・Please declare the damage within 7days of receiving your baggage.
・Peach does not assume liability for the following damage to baggage, although adequate precautions will be taken in their handling.

    - Damage to baggage from excess weight or over packing
    - Damage to baggage due to fragile state off the baggage itself and from owing to defects in the baggage itself such as from normal wear and tear.
    - Damage and/or loss to protruding parts, baggage accessories and removable parts such as name tags, keys, hooks, and straps, and baggage parts such as built-in locks, handles and wheels.
    - Minor damage such as scuffs, cuts, dents and dirt.
    - All damaged baggage claims must be made within 7 days of flight date. Claims made after 7 days will not be accepted.
    - Damage and/or loss to contents of baggage.

Please notify Peach staff once you find your baggage is damaged. If you find the damage after you leave airport, please claim with Contact Form.
We will require the travel date and flight number, photos of damaged parts, so please prepare them before claim.
It would take some time for a reply to email feedback Please note, declaration must be made within 7 days of receiving your damaged baggage.

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