• KIXOsaka (Kansai)
  • MMBMemanbetsu
  • KUHKushiro
  • CTSSapporo (Shin-Chitose)
  • SDJSendai
  • KIJNiigata
  • NRTTokyo (Narita)
  • HNDTokyo (Haneda)
  • NGONagoya (Chubu)
  • FUKFukuoka
  • OITOita
  • NGSNagasaki
  • KMIMiyazaki
  • KOJKagoshima
  • ASJAmami
  • OKAOkinawa (Naha)
  • ISGIshigaki
  • ICNSeoul (Incheon)
  • TPETaipei (Taoyuan)
  • KHHKaohsiung
  • HKGHong Kong
  • PVGShanghai (Pudong)
  • BKKBangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
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So much on-board fun to be had What You Can Do on a Peach Flight In-flight Sales & Services

So much on-board fun to be had What You Can Do on a Peach Flight In-flight Sales & Services

Open up the in-flight server on your smartphone or tablet to enjoy shopping and flight maps.
Access is free. This is an in-flight network service, internet connection is not required.

What You Can Do on a Peach Flight

  • What is on sale in-flight?

    iconFOOD & DRINK


    Food & Drink are on sale in-flight!
    Recommendable Food & Drink are Cold Beer, Cold Cola, Hot coffee, Cup Noodle and Snacks etc!

  • Memory of your boarding



    Peach is offering Peach original product that are for souvenirs and memory of your travel, as well as goods that are useful when travelling!
    Also, Check out the in-flight limited item!

  • Conveniently and Reasonably



    Reasonable Tickets for your next destination are on sale in-flight

    • Tickets Sales may not be available due to your direction(Flight Route).
  • Follow your flight's progress

    iconFlight Map


    Use the flight map to locate your current position and track your flight along its route.

  • What's On at Your Flight's Destination

    iconPEACH LIVE


    Check out "PEACH LIVE", the in-flight magazine that's chock-full of up-to-date information about what's going on at your flight's destination and nearby areas.

    • You can't read our magazine via the in-flight server but you can find it the seat pocket on board the aircraft!

To enjoy In-Flight Digital Service

  • mobile batteryBring a mobile battery for peace of mind.

In-flight Sales Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Pre-registered credit card

To register your credit card, see the In-flight Sales Payment Information below.

In-flight Sales Payment Information

Payment Methods Available Currency*1 Notice
Cash Currency of origin and destination
Credit Cards
  • VISA
  • Master
  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • JPY
  • KRW
  • CNY
  • TWD
  • HKD
  • THB
  • Credit card pre-registration is required at the time of ticket purchase or from Peach account. Please see below for the registration procedure.
  • If you have not pre-registered your credit card, only cash payment is accepted on board.
  • Payments are made in the same currency as your pre-registered credit card.
    (EX: You make a payment in TWD, when you purchese tickets in TWD)
  • In case the In-flight digital services are suspended during the flight, credit card payments will not be available.
  • JPY= Japanese Yen, KRW= Korean Won, CNY= Chinese Yuan, TWD= Taiwan Dollar, HKD= Hong Kong Dollar, THB= Thai Baht

What you need to do in order to use credit card payment on the plane.

  • peach

    Register for a Peach account

  • credit card&peach

    Register the credit card in your Peach account

  • credit card&phone PC

    Preregister your credit card for in-flight digital service

  • This option is available to those who have purchased their boarding pass with a credit card on the Peach website. (Certain credit cards only)
  • Advance registration is required 24 hours prior to the departure time stated in the itinerary.

About how to pre-register

When pre-registering at the same time as making a flight ticket reservation
  • Please register your Peach account in advance and make a reservation while logged in.

    • When you make a reservation, please check the box below and register your credit card information in your Peach account (Those who have already registered are not required.).
    • Please check the registration to the payment method of in-flight sales and register in advance.
Final confirmation / purchase screen
  • If you register your credit card in your Peach account, you can skip the entry for the next time you pay for your ticket.
When pre-registering after booking a flight ticket
  • Please register your credit card at the Peach account site. (If you have already registered, this is not necessary)

  • Please search for the reservation from the reservation number on the reservation confirmation/change site.

  • Please pre-register by clicking the "Register Credit Card as a Means of Payment for In-flight Shopping" button in the "In-flight Digital Services" section.
    * Pre-registration is required for each flight.

If you would like to use cash payment for in-flight sales


・You do not need to prepare anything in advance if you will be using cash for in-flight sales.
Please enjoy your in-flight shopping experience.

Connecting to the In-flight Network

How to Use

For instructions on how to use this service on different devices, please refer to the PDF below or refer to the leaflet that has been placed at your seat.
The In-Flight Digital Service can be used from around five minutes after takeoff and until around ten minutes before landing.

  • The service may be unavailable depending on certain conditions. It may also be difficult to connect to the service when it is being accessed by many users simultaneously. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 01During

  • 02While
    in flight

  • 03While landing



Please switch your smartphone or tablet to "flight mode"*1 before the plane doors close prior to take-off.

  • Your device may also have "Self Mode," "Power OFF Mode," "Offline Mode," "Flight Mode," and "Personal Mode."

How to Connect

    1. iPhone・iPad

      1. Select (Settings)

      2. Select (Wi-Fi)

      3. Turn on (Wi-Fi)

      4. Select<〇〇-peach1>or<〇〇-peach2>

        • The numbers used for ○○ will differ depending on the airplane.
    2. Android

      1. Select (Settings)

      2. Select (Wi-Fi)

      3. Turn on (Wi-Fi)

      4. Select<〇〇-peach1>or<〇〇-peach2>

        • The numbers used for ○○ will differ depending on the airplane.
  1. Scan this QR code


    Open an Internet browser and type
    <inflight.flypeach.com> into the URL field to load the site.

    • Please continue with the procedure in (5) even if you get a warning that says something to the effect of "This access point is not connected to the Internet."
  2. The portal will be displayed

Precautions for use

  • This service does not connect to the Internet.
  • If access is congested, it may be difficult to connect to the service.
  • This service may be suspended for safety and other reasons.

Security Information

  • This service uses wireless LAN technology. Therefore, please understand that the risks of wiretapping and unauthorized access that come with the use of other publicly accessible wireless LAN spots also apply when accessing this service.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to implement security measures that are appropriate for the use of this service according to your needs.