Domestic flight(Within Japan) / International flight
Only for departures on TUE.,WED.,THU. from April to June Book a flight for group travel
and receive a discount!
Here’s How You Save!
Value Peach Fare
(including the basic options)
Discount for 2+ people!
Domestic flight(Within Japan)
per flight per person! Up to 3,500 JPY off!
International flight
per flight per person! Up to 4,000 JPY off!
* Up to nine people can book at once.
For example…
<International flight>
Osaka (Kansai) to Hong Kong route
Booking return fares for 4 people together
Normal Fare
4名往復 合計191,040yen
Campaign fare
4名往復 合計114,560yen
The number of seats eligible for discount is limited, and the campaign will end when tickets are sold out.
The number of seats eligible for the discount may change depending on seat availability.
This campaign applies to the Value Peach Fare!
Value Peach Fare is the best offer
for traveling in a group of friends or family!
Receive a discount
by booking a flight departing on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
and go on a trip to a place
you have never been to
or your favorite destination!

What Is Value Peach Fare?

  • Value Peach Fare

    (including the basic options)

    Fare includes basic options like seat selection, checked baggage, flight change, and refunds for cancelled flights. Ideal for travelers not yet used to flying with LCCs.

Option 1
Seat Selection Free! 2 seat types available*1
Option 2
Checked Baggage 1 Free Checked Bag*2
Option 3
Change Fee(Flight) Free*3
Option 4
Refund for Flight Cancel Refunds in Peach Points*4
*1 Applicable only for Pleasure and Standard Seats.
*2 The total linear dimension of less than 203cm, less than 20kg of weight.
*3 The above fees apply when flight is changed online. For procedures on the website. A change fee will be charged for procedures at the contact center or airport counter.
*4 The sum of fare minus the cancellation fee (1,100JPY) refunded in Peach Points.Refunds cannot be made in cash or to credit cards.
Campaign Overview
Campaign Period
Feb.9,2024 15:00-Mar.12,2024 23:59(JST)
Travel Period
Campaign Fares
A group of two to nine people who booked a flight together will receive a discount off the one-way Value Peach Fare per person.
Up to 3,500 yen off the fares for domestic flights and up to 4,000 yen off the fares for international flights
*A discount may not be applied to the Value Peach Fare in a particular price range.
Eligible Routes
-Domestic flight(Within Japan)

-International flight
Osaka(Kansai)-Seoul(Incheon)/Taipei(Taoyuan)/Kaohsiung/Hong Kong/Shanghai(Pudong)/Bangkok(Suvarnabhumi)

*Applies to domestic and international routes currently on sale.
Please check the notice at the bottom of this page.
  • Fares quoted are one-way campaign fares.
  • The conditions, fees and charges for the Value Peach Fare will be applied to the campaign fares.
  • Campaign fares are below.
    Value Peach Couple, Value Peach 3to4, Value Peach 5to6, Value Peach 7to9
  • The number of seats eligible for the discount is limited, and the campaign will end once the tickets are sold out.
  • The number of seats eligible for the discount may change depending on seat availability.
  • Fares in some price ranges may not be eligible for discount.
  • Payment fee and airport taxes are applicable per person, per one-way trip.
  • Booking fee applies when making a reservation via contact center or at airport counter.
  • More than 1 checked baggage and seat selection of fast seat and smart seat charges apply for Value Peach Fare.
  • No fuel surcharge on all Peach international flights.
  • Fares and conditions may be subject to change without notice.
  • When combining terms and conditions from multiple sales and campaigns, the cheapest fare among the applicable fares, and the terms and conditions of such fare, shall apply.
  • The offer and discount differ depending on the selected language in the website.
  • There may be other, similar campaigns in the future.
  • Fares, fees, and charges for Japanese domestic flights include consumption tax.
  • Subject to the application and approval of relevant authorities.
How to Book
  • Select a route and date eligible for the sale, set the number of passengers to two or more, and search for flights!
  • Look for the [SALE] marker on the Value Peach fare. Select your fare and continue to purchase. (Fare displayed shows the discounted fare amount.)

    *The sample image is from the PC site.

    *The sample image is from the SP site.

Look for the [SALE] marker to find campaign fares!

Discounts for 2+ People!
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International flight
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